2022 Highlight – The great PIABO year in review

2022 was an exciting year. At the end of it, we want to review the past twelve months and look back at our PIABO highlights – for our customers and us internally. 

The Christmas tree at our Berlin headquarters is decorated, cinnamon stars are outstripping energy bars for the time being, and topics like holiday planning or last-minute gift suggestions are high on the agenda at our Coffee Talks: 2022 is nearing its end, time for a look back! And because it's hard for us to choose between special events, great new colleagues and customers, awards and campaigns to strengthen our corporate culture, here's the best of all areas.


Best work for the best clients

Let's start with our clients: Overall, we were pleased with a noticeable increase in clients this year. From B2B and B2C communication to digital communication and influencer marketing to design assignments and the creation of studies and case studies: We offered and delivered 360-degree communication for our clients from a wide range of sectors. To this end, we have also developed numerous new products over the past twelve months and added them to our existing portfolio of offerings, including brand communication, employer branding, podcast production and crisis communication. 

There were also some big news stories again this year coming from our clients. Examples here are the great Lieferando campaign in July, the news about Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard giving away his company to protect the climate, the Tech awards or the countless financing rounds and acquisitions of our clients. In total, we were able to place over 1,000 articles, interviews and statements for our clients in Tier 1 media.

Drag Queen Olivia Jones took part in Lieferando's charity campaign 

Teambuilding & Awareness

Our PIABO Workation in March and April showed: Flexibility is more than just a buzzword for us! In an idyllic farmhouse near Rome, around 30 PIABOs escaped the all too hesitant German spring and were productive in the process, despite (or because of?) the pool and the magnificent view over the Italian countryside. Brainstorming sessions and sightseeing led to both professional and personal exchange across units and new friendships. 

Working at a pool in Italy? Yes, please!

Back in Germany, many of us returned to work from home – and as much as we appreciate this form of flexibility, it was nice not to have to wait long until the next personal meeting: We celebrated the beginning of summer with a big picnic, where colleagues from all parts of the country together with their families and partners could get to know each other (better). 

Our PIABO Running Team proved that we are not only culinarily fit but also sporty. They represented us twice this summer at the company relay race and B2Run. 

Our PIABO Running Crew gave it their all this year!

Another highlight was our PIABO Brand Week, where we further developed our common vision, celebrated successes, shared fuck-ups and exchanged learnings. Thanks to the exchange in feedback talks and at the Diversity Lunch, exciting brainstorming sessions and talks with Tilo, as well as legendary dancing interludes and table soccer goals at our summer party, we took away many great memories as well as new impulses and ideas from these days! 

Our PIABO Summer Party was truly the highlight of 2022!

At the same time, we are looking at our own further development and issues with a global scope. Just in time for Pride Month, not only did our brand new PIABO Pride shirts and flag arrive, but we also had a lot to do: From internal academies on pinkwashing and queer communication to joint team evenings – we show our colours, throughout the whole year!

Show your pride, all year long!

In September, we also participated in the worldwide climate protest with self-made signs – a nice tradition with a serious background. The fight against climate change is one of the most important of all, and companies also have responsibilities. We claim: Ecological responsibility and economic success can and must be thought together! 

Climate Change is real. We say: Greentech for Future!


Company Culture 

The fact that corporate culture is a top priority for us is not a new insight – but the establishment of the Insights Model is, with the help of which we want to take our cooperation to the next level. In the same context, our internal academy on non-violent communication inspired us to engage in a lively exchange of constructive feedback. There was and continues to be room for open discussions about the right work-life balance, challenges in everyday work and personal concerns. The fact that PIABO does not relinquish its responsibility as an employer after 6:00 p.m. is demonstrated, among other things, by the financial support provided by a voluntary flat-rate energy allowance and the offer available to all employees. Both benefits will help us get through this cold winter.

Our manifesto for strengthening the mental health of our employees

Strong team, strong leadership

In addition, we welcomed over 40 new colleagues this year, established a brand new unit as well as three new practices, and benefited from the power of new PDs and UDs. The promotion of Andreas Krönke and Simone Krist to Executive Unit Directors and of Marc-Pierre Hoeft to Vice President Client Relations also significantly strengthens the management team and the orientation of PIABO as a full-service agency. To sharpen the company's profile, we also published more than 40 expert articles on our PIABO blog this year. At the same time, our Founder and CEO Tilo Bonow spoke to numerous guests from business and science on the most pressing questions and topics of our time in his Business Class Podcast.

Our new Unit Director for Fintech, Proptech and Contech: Ulrike Beckmann

Lennard Behrens started as new Practice Director for our Fintech clients

Long-time PIABO employees Julia Tenner and Fabian Zeitler kicked off their new Unit in April 2022.

Our Web3.0 division was also strengthened in 2022. Now it also focuses on NFTs, the Metaverse and blockchain.

Former Unit Director Marc-Pierre Hoeft became our very first Vice President Client Relations in 2022.

Our Unit Director Andreas Krönke has been promoted as Executive Unit Director.

Simone Krist has been promoted as Executive Unit Director in 2022, too. She is responsible for our B2C-Unit.

Achievements & Awards 

We also had the pleasure to receive some awards and honours this year: PRovoke Media ranks PIABO among the top 5 agencies in the field of technology in a global comparison and awarded us the title "Agency of the Year 2022" concerning the entire DACH region. Furthermore, according to the DUP Entrepreneur Magazine, PIABO is one of the "Employers of the Future" – we won’t argue with that!

Outlook – there is more to come 

What a ride, you could sum up PIABO's 2022 – but while we rejoice in the successes and memories, we're already looking ahead to 2023 with one eye, because in the agency world, as we all know, agility is everything. Fortunately, there's no shortage of knowledge about what the agency of the future should look like, nor any ideas about how we can practically make it happen.

With this in mind, we are going into the holidays relaxed – and looking forward to new PIABO colleagues, interesting clients and ambitious projects in 2023!

© Marinus Maier, Junior Art Director, PIABO PR

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