IAA 2021: How these companies are helping to shape the mobility of the future

At the IAA 2021, everything revolves around the mobility of the future. There is no question that our way of moving around must and will change against the background of climate targets. In PIABO PR's Greentech Unit, we work with various start-ups and companies that are creating innovations for the climate-friendly mobility of the future. We would like to introduce three of them: 

1) Envision Digital

Envision Digital is a leading global green technology company focused on transforming the energy industry through software. The goal: to use energy more efficiently and therefore make an essential contribution to a sustainable future and to meet the climate goals. To achieve this, Envision Digital relies on the company's own Energy Operating System EnOS, a software based on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) for the intelligent management of energy. EnOS makes it possible to intelligently control energy in buildings or even entire cities. In Germany, the company is initially focusing on the electric mobility segment. Charging boxes for electric cars are seen as a door opener to smart energy management. In the future, charging electric cars will no longer be a matter of simply drawing energy from the grid. It will also be a matter of intelligently controlling charging processes and integrating electric cars into a building's overall energy system as potential storage devices. The "Charging by EnOS" solution consists of a complete package: the charging box, installation and the corresponding green electricity tariff are all available from a single source. In this way, the company solves the problem faced by many consumers who are spoilt for choice when it comes to charging boxes and electricity tariffs. "Charging by EnOS" can be extended into a comprehensive AIoT solution in the private and business environment and thus lays the foundation for a world in which the mobility and energy sectors are more closely interlinked. 

2) elvah

The start-up elvah also focuses on a solution for easy charging of electric cars. The goal is to get people excited about mobility through a user-friendly application. With its app and simple charging flat rate, the start-up is offering a simple solution that stands out against the confusing charging tariffs available on the market. The company combines the offerings of more than 2,000 providers in a single app, thus eliminating the need for countless charging cards and apps. This means that customers no longer have to deal with small-scale requirements and tariffs, but can conveniently map their charging processes in one app - both in Germany and in 30 other countries. In addition, elvah offers customers a further service: Via smart recommendations, electric-car drivers can find out which charging points work well and promise a good charging experience. In this way, the start-up makes eMobility uncomplicated and suitable for the masses. 

3) BMW i Ventures

Since BMW i Ventures was founded in 2011, it has been supporting start-ups that are driving the automotive industry forward with their innovations. The venture capital investor BMW i Ventures is headquartered in Silicon Valley (Mountain View) and therefore has good access to the local network. The fund focuses on hardware and software solutions from start-up companies in the transportation, manufacturing and supply chain industries. Since 2021, a further focus has been on sustainability. BMW i Ventures has been involved in success stories of over 50 companies, including Chargepoint, Xometry, Turntide, Purecycle and Chargemaster. Turntide, for example, is driving the development of more energy-efficient, reliable and durable electric motors. This can significantly reduce energy consumption in vehicle production. At Purecycle, the focus is on recycling. The company has developed a process to separate color, smell and other impurities from plastic waste. These recycled plastics can then be reused in vehicles - saving on the production of new plastics and conserving resources.

Getting from A to B is and will remain a central part of our everyday lives. It will be essential to make transportation as climate- and environmentally friendly as possible. The three companies mentioned above are united in their determination to help shape this transformation with their innovations  with solutions we need. 

Let‘s drive your success story.