Nov 9, 2020
Robert Thielicke with Tilo Bonow, founder and CEO of PIABO PR
Robert Thielicke with Tilo Bonow, founder and CEO of PIABO PR

MIT Technology Review Editor-in-Chief Robert Thielicke establishes Healthtech Unit at PIABO PR

PIABO PR, Germany's leading full-service PR partner for the digital industry, expands its health and biotech expertise with Robert Thielicke as new Unit Director. The long-standing editor-in-chief of the German edition of the MIT Technology Review, which belongs to the publishing company Heise Medien, will now lead a separate healthtech unit to further promote digital champions and to accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

Thielicke has gathered nearly 20 years of editorial experience in technology journalism. He started out his career as a science editor at the publishing house Focus Verlag. Most recently, he was editor-in-chief of the German edition of the renowned innovation magazine MIT Technology Review, published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). There, the biology graduate supported the digitization and, above all, the technological progress in the healthcare system with great fascination. At PIABO, Robert Thielicke will use this knowledge to advise clients and partners from biotech, digital health, age tech, and medtech sectors, and will also advise them on new applications such as medical cannabis or topics like longevity and rejuvenation. 

"My goal is to follow these exciting trends in medicine and to show how a good communication strategy enables progress in healthtech. Currently, our health market is quite regulated with a focus on treatments and patients rather than software. Here we have to close the gap between advanced digital products and traditional working methods," says Thielicke. "We have numerous great companies, engineers, and scientists in the healthcare sector in Germany. So we have to make sure that they benefit from the opportunities offered by digitization and link them to different players in the market."  

With clients such as the family-owned company and medical technology manufacturer Dr. Ausbüttel or Withings, which use connected healthcare devices such as smartwatches and sleep aid devices to measure oxygen deficiency, heart rhythm, and blood pressure, PIABO PR has developed solid expertise in healthcare communications. With the establishment of the new healthtech unit, however, PIABO responds to an important momentum, in which the huge advances in biotechnology, the digitization of health information, and the changing needs of patients are transforming healthcare. "With Robert Thielicke, an experienced communications specialist, PIABO continues to position itself in the medical and healthcare sector. With his great passion for tech topics, such as AI, and an excellent network, Robert has the knowledge required to drive innovation in the healthcare sector – especially in times of crises," says Tilo Bonow, CEO of PIABO PR.

If you have any remarks or questions, feel free to contact Robert Thielicke or Tilo Bonow personally.

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