Be Pride! Celebrate Diversity!

International celebrations take place in June: Around the world, the LGBTIQ+ community and its supporters are organizing international PRIDE – political parades and large street parades to stand up for equality, acceptance and tolerance. Already in June, flags in rainbow colors lit up in many places. Whether hanging out of the window, waving in the garden or lying out at the reception desk – private individuals, companies, political organizations or embassies all acknowledge diversity in this way with the international symbol of the LGBTIQ+ community. 

The related historical event, known as the Stonewall Uprising dates back a long time. In 1969, numerous courageous demonstrators took to the streets of Manhattan to defend themselves against arbitrary police violence against the LSBTIQ+ community. This became an important turning point in the LGBTIQ+ movement and the start of the visible struggle for equal rights and opportunities. This year, 2019, we celebrate Christopher Street Day for the 50th time internationally. 

LGBTIQ+ X Corporates

In recent years, the LGBTIQ+ movement has set in motion an important process of equality. The rainbow-colored flag stands for the commitment to an open, diverse and liberal society, so that meanwhile more and more institutions take the PRIDE Month as an opportunity to show their attitude. 


Take a look at IKEA, for example, whose famous blue Frakta shopping bag is available in rainbow design during the Pride Month, or the Tagesspiegel with its regular queer column, whose Christopher Street Day edition appears in rainbow colors. Companies such as Warsteiner, Vodafone, Condor and BMW also supported the LGBTIQ+ community in Germany with local campaigns. They are all of the opinion that it goes without saying that it is part of everyday life to appreciate the diversity of its employees. They name freedom, tolerance and respect as their core values and actively speak out against discrimination and exclusion.


Why companies should express their values


Due to globalization and the resulting social change, the urban, modern human being thinks much more globally, is more tolerant and multicultural. Where marketing people used to be trimmed not to be political in order to avoid polarization and dissatisfaction among certain customer groups, the paradigm has changed today: Customers and employees advocate a clear value orientation and welcome it when companies represent a clear purpose. Such a statement creates recognition value, strengthens corporate goals and even goes so far as to influence the choice of customers (and vice versa). A cooperation only turns out to be productive and continuing if one meets at eye level and with mutual respect. How one positions oneself on certain topics can ultimately be a decisive success factor.

Don’t just talk, but take action!

The PIABO team, too, is clearly positioned in PRIDE Month for equal rights and equal opportunities for all people. 

We are aware that many people face discrimination on a daily basis. And although sexual orientation and gender identity is clearly a private matter, it nevertheless often becomes a target in the workplace.

For us at PIABO, it is very important to promote diversity, because it is diversity within a company that can lead to great results. We value all our employees equally!

We are PRIDE!