Conversational AI shapes future of CX

Voice Interaction Design, automatic speech recognition and branding by Voice. These current topics introduce a new era of customer experience and that is exactly what the Voice & Chatbot Summit in Berlin from 11th to 13th December is all about.

When opening our laptops and mobile phones we are asked by a Voice Assistant not to type our questions into a search engine but to ask her (or him) for them. We are greeted on almost every website by a bot with the words “Hello! Can I help you?” For some time now, messenger services have been offering the possibility to record your messages and automatically convert them into text so that we no longer have to look at our screen. At the Chatbot Summit in the STATION Berlin, which will be complemented by the Voice Summit for the first time this year, you can learn more from numerous experts about how this part of digitization will gradually change and simplify our lives.

Experts from established companies
The program includes numerous highlight speakers. From well-known companies to exciting start-ups, the Summit offers an insight into all areas of the Conversational AI and through the extension by the Voice Summit for the first time into Voice AI. This includes:

  • Daniel Whaley, Senior Architect – Product, BBC, reports on how ethics and morality are reflected in Voice and AI.
  • Susse Sønderby Jensen, Sr. Experience Designer at Adobe, is all about voice integration within Adobe XD. She believes that we’ll all talk more to our mobile devices in order to look less at them.
  • Leonid Mishkind, Technical Product Owner for Chatbots & Virtual Assistants at the Vodafone Group, reports on the journey of the globally active Vodafone TOBi Bots.
  • Nikola Aschoff, Head of Extended Digital Services at Mercedes-Benz, will shed light on the innovations and challenges of Voice & Conversational AI.

Other exciting companies that you can exchange ideas with at the event include BMW Group, Google, TÜV Rheinland Service and salesforce.
And, of course, a start-up competition is also a must. On December 11, rising and interesting start-ups from the Voice AI sector will present their companies and innovative approaches. Here everyone can learn something, whether entrepreneur, future founder or just people interested in the topic. After all, we are likely to see a number of new developments in the future. Be one of the first to hear from them at the event!

Don’t miss out on workshops and offsite networking
A number of workshops are available for hands-on experience. Some examples are “Building Blocks for Bots: How to Design and Orchestrate Complex Bots”, “Best Practices for Designing Natural, Helpful Bot Dialogs for Customer Support” and “Advanced Language Interaction Design”.
But that wasn’t all. In addition to the already extensive program of the double event, Meet-ups, roundtables and educational programs will take place at other offsite locations all over Berlin. And, of course, networking with experts and important companies should not be neglected either. Based on the theme of the summit, you can discuss the challenges of the ethical development of artificial intelligence at “Bots over Beers” or exchange ideas about improvements on customer platforms through integration for AI at the “Dances with Bots” after-party at one of Berlin’s most exciting venues.

The event at a glance

Date and location

  • 11-13 December
  • STATION Berlin


  • Conversational AI
  • messaging apps
  • language assistants
  • Voice Interaction Design
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Ways of integrating voice telephony into chatbots
  • text-to-speech technologies
  • Branding through Voice


Press Contact

Anika Kölpin
+49 30 2576205 – 0