Blockchain and Crypto: The 7 Must-Know Media for Good Crypto News

The most well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin further enjoys high popularity according to a survey of the stock exchange portal The Tokenist. 45% of the interviewees would invest 1000$ rather in Bitcoins instead of in shares, real estates or gold. Compared to 2017, this represents an increase of 13%. As a leading PR agency for technology and start-up topics, we believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and love to share the latest developments with our community. If you don’t want to miss out, we recommend following the most relevant must-know media for good crypto news in German-speaking countries as stated here.

Cointelegraph Deutschland

The news portal Cointelegraph Deutschland covers a wide range of news about crypto. The focus lies here particularly on the most diverse cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple, but news coverage goes beyond and also includes further reports about market tools as well as about political questions in the crypto context. Particularly exciting: the Kryptopedia. There, inexperienced readers find different guides and can simply re-read the fundamentals to Bitcoin cash, IOTA and many further cryptocurrencies.

The Blog Bitcoinnews with Marco Spitzbarth in charge resembles a Liveticker over the most current messages of the oldest cryptocurrency in place. In addition, the blog gives an overview of various marketplaces and Bitcoin exchanges as well as reports especially relevant for the Swiss crypto market. Further, the podcast “The Original Let’s Talk Bitcoin Show” offers in-depth analyses and discussions.

Krypto Magazin

If you want to deep dive into the crypto scene, the Krypto Magazin is just the right reading for you. Next to current news, interviews and videos provided by the editorial staff the platform offers in-depth reports directly from the community about wallets, mining, coins, investment and trading. Last but not least, you can expect useful tools on tax issues during crypto trading, video courses and book recommendations.

If you want to stay up-to-date, provides the most current news on Bitcoin, Ethereum and further cryptocurrencies from the worldwide stock market, as well as interviews or portraits. In addition, you will find instructions on how to buy cryptocurrencies and various tests for different crypto exchanges on the portal. Also very interesting: In the Kryptoszene academy you will learn, how to recognize Bitcoin Scams, how to intelligently invest and how to do Bitcoin mining, amongst others.


The monthly print and eMagazine Kryptokompass, published by the industry magazine BTC-Echo, makes sure that you are always up to date in the fast moving crypto industry. 360° reportages, interviews, trends and insights as well as the investments of tomorrow can be found in this magazine. Through independent analyses and neutrality, Kryptokompass offers a high quality of reporting on cryptocurrencies – which is comparable to reports of the stock market media.


The platform CryptoMonday was created on the basis of a former meetup format. Today, it informs about everything there is to know about Bitcoin and further crypto currencies. News about IOTA, Ripple, Ethereum or Bitcoin, interviews, course analyses, guest contributions, and more can be found all in one page. No matter whether you call yourself a crypto-professional or are just entering the crypto-world: CryptoMonday is the right medium for you.


The CryptoTicker is a platform located in the start-up and tech hotspot Berlin and thus has access to the most current information about all topics in the crypto scene, reaching from daily news and interviews to expert opinions as well as announcements and documentations. Thematically the platform is broadly diversified: single crypto currencies, news about DeFi, stock market comparisons, legal questions in crypto context or legislation – no matter what, this platform offers information on the most different areas of crypto. Even if your wealth of experience in crypto is not so great yet the CryptoTicker starter kit helps you to orientate yourself in the crypto-jungle.

Although cryptocurrencies have not yet completely arrived in the middle of society, the crypto-scene as well as the corresponding media offer is growing rapidly. As a competent partner, PIABO helps companies to put crypto even more on the media agenda. For more information on this topic, please contact Paul Gärtner, Senior Communications Consultant at PIABO. Paul is looking forward to your message.