Employee Empowerment: Powerful Tools to Improve Your Feedback Culture

Feedback is key to company culture. People need to feel comfortable voicing ideas and opinions, and valued enough to want to contribute. However, many employees receive little feedback on performance, behaviour or development, even if they ask for it. But the benefits of an active feedback culture are enormous: it not only increases motivation, but also creates the basis for further changes.

Moreover, studies have shown that the ability to give and receive constructive feedback strongly influences performance and productivity. This is true for supervisors as well as for employees. In order to optimize employee feedback, various tools have come onto the market in recent years that enable companies to obtain efficient yet honest feedback from their employees. 



Leapsome offers a holistic people enablement platform with modules for continuous feedback, 360° performance reviews, regular employee surveys, agile goal management and personalized learning.

With Leapsome, intelligent and meaningful goals can be defined, which can be checked with the OKRs method. Automated 360s surveys, which allow a group of employees to give feedback about a colleague’s performance, employee interviews and anonymous pulse surveys, i.e. shorter employee surveys that are repeated at regular intervals, can efficiently save time. The function “Instant feedback” enables employees to continuously give feedback and appreciation, but also to ask for it.

A special feature of Leapsome is the possibility to link Leapsome with other tools such as Personio, Slack, Gmail+ and others. The employee data can be synchronized automatically in a short time, which makes onboarding easier.

To the customers of Leapsome belong renowned brands such as trivago, Babbel, Flixbus or Mercedes Benz. The price is only 7 Euro per user/month if paid annually and 9 Euro per user/month if paid monthly. All features are already included in the package.



David Hassell founded the company and the platform 15five with the aim to motivate the company’s employees to live up to their the full potential. The basic idea behind the employee survey platform is that employees take 15 minutes to answer a survey from their supervisors, and managers take five minutes to review.

However, the tool also includes weekly check-ins, 1-on-1 planning, high-fives for employee evaluation and OKR tracking, which is based on Google’s “Objectives and Key Results” methodology and allows them to implement it in their own organization.

15five offers three variants of the service. Basic, Plus and Enterprise, with different features and prices. The Basic package offers all the features to start with a weekly check-in rhythm and costs $7 per employee. The Plus Package costs $14, which is twice as much, but also includes features for onboarding, OKRs, surveys and much more. The third package is the Enterprise offer, which contains all functions of the Plus package, but can be extended by individual add-ons.


TINYpulse was launched in 2012 and describes itself as a platform for promoting a holistic employee experience. The tool therefore promises an all-round service, from onboarding to performance reviews. It also provides an analysis for the case that employees leave the company. In addition, it is possible for employees to give each other feedback and praise, which promotes employee morale, cohesion and performance.

Through short and recurring surveys, regular and anonymous feedback is collected to keep track of internal health and corporate culture on the company’s dashboard. Automatic machine learning and mood analysis help to save time and highlight important trends and information from employee surveys and feedback. 

In addition to the online portal, TINYpulse offers an app for Apple and Android, which enables employees to vote easily and flexibly from their mobile phones or to write quick feedback.



OfficeVibe is an online platform founded in 2013 in Canada. Currently it is claimed to be one of the best-known feedback tools worldwide. Especially the user interface, gamification elements and the function of anonymous feedback make the program interesting for companies.

OfficeVibe offers the possibility to make use of ready-made surveys in English on a selected topic, such as motivation or career opportunities, or to create these individually. In most cases, answers are given in the form of numerical values or short statements.

Depending on team size and selected functions, the price is calculated and can vary between 79 and 395 US dollars per month. According to the website, the tool is already used by Disney, Kickstarter and Apple.


Next Steps

As you start defining and growing your company culture by using these tools, don’t ignore the feedback you get. Then take actionable steps to make meaningful improvements in your workplace culture in those areas. This process can take time, but it will make a big difference in improving employee retention and satisfaction. Of course, no tool replaces a personal conversation … but they can support.