Professional media training: Individual coaching with Katja Schleicher

The next big interview is coming up and the professional preparation is missing? Our media trainings prepare you perfectly for the next big appearance. You will learn how to win over viewers, readers and listeners. Our experienced communications expert Katja Schleicher offers you tailor-made seminars and coaching sessions to develop you unerringly into a rhetoric hero – whether for the next investment round or the KeyNote for the next congress.

Why the algorithm doesn’t work in media training
The best “transporters” for the message are the entrepreneurs and companies themselves. People are interested in stories, personality and authenticity. This applies just as much to start-ups (often also scale-ups) as to large corporations and medium-sized businesses. Managers are experts in their field and not politicians who should suspect an attack behind every journalistic question. On the contrary: the message is supposed to get out into the world, to increase awareness … Journalists for their part are looking for exciting stories for their audience. Media training combines both in a meaningful way in order to give confidence for dealing with the media and the public.

Start inside
Clear messaging is of crucial importance in any department or company. On the one hand, it serves to reflect inwards: Are the core messages shared by all? Only then can the message be adapted for the various target groups: What should really be the headline in the newspaper? What does the audience or an investor actually want to hear?

Facts and emotion: the mix makes the difference
In every interview there is a rational, fact-oriented side. Effect and sympathy, however, arise mainly through the emotional component: how authentic and confident does the interviewee comes across? How well does what they say resonates? How do they make visible how relevant the topic is for the journalist’s audience? How confident do they deal with the journalist’s questions?

Looking at the essentials in a media interview
Katja is a media- and publicity-focussed trainer with three skills, which are based on many years of experience in the fields of media practice, further education and training as well as her appearances as a keynote speaker:

  • a foresighted view of what is on the agenda of the audience and the media
  • a realistic view of what can be achieved with an interview (nothing is worse than disappointed expectations)
  • a deeper look at what is really important internally if a company wants to be present in the media with a new service or product.

Effective story work
Katja also works with our clients to create the company’s “Potential Story”, which means she sharpens the focus on the really essential messages and how they are transported in the media. In order to be able to scale up communicatively in the long term, we jointly consider what should be said about the company in two years’ time. Media training is also always a course in corporate reputation.

What really matters
Media trainers have this sharp external view that doesn’t gloss over anything and puts the important aspects in the spotlight. “In most interview situations, there is no lack of ideas, but rather of putting the important in the right light at the right moment. Katja has worked for a long time in PR and corporate communications for international corporations and knows this feeling of standing in front of the camera for companies. She calls it the “between tree and bark position” – to orientate herself both outwardly and inwardly.

You can have it all: a look behind the scenes and at the big picture
What we particularly appreciate about Katja Schleicher’s work for PIABO customers is her holistic approach. Not only the topic and the medium count, but also the view of the psychological and human backgrounds of both the clients and the journalists. In her media trainings, there is a lot of practice and little theorizing. “One does not learn to give interviews from books, but by doing interviews”. Materials are only distributed after the sessions and exercises, which increases the memorability value.

…so that the heart puts the right words in the mouth of the head. 
Katja Schleicher studied Linguistics, German and Psychology, and in addition to her training as a trainer, she holds  several Business Coaching degrees. This distinguishes her offer from many trainers who can operate a camera, but often have only a one-sided journalistic view. By the way, she effortlessly switches between German, English and Dutch.

Because she knows the company side as well as the media side, she has a lot of emotional understanding for both sides. But she also conveys that journalists are not friends, but professional partners who want to do their job just as much as company representatives.

 Innovative companies feel particularly at home in Katja Schleicher’s media training because it reflects her agile way of working and thus achieves a lot within a short period of time.

 She gave us a tip for success in interviews: “Before the first sentence, breathe out again, then breathe in softly, then get going…”. If you also have need and fun in a media training, call us with pleasure.


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