Petfluencer Marketing: The 5 most brilliant Pet campaign

After the buzzword Influencer becomes an increasingly common aspect of its normal usage for the ordinary media folks, there is an upward trend growing at the influencer horizon called Petfluencer.

Not really a surprise, if one considers that the big wide Internet consists mainly of cute cat commercials and sneezing panda videos.

Many companies have already discovered this topic for themselves and prefer to rely on animals for its brand ambassadors. Hereby it does not matter if it´s animated or realistic – animal content is well received by the consumer. We have clicked through numerous of them to summarize the 5 most brilliant Pet campaigns.

Image: Ghost Presenter

These are our top five campaigns with Petfluencers:


The car manufacturer Opel has selected a special testimonial for its latest campaign: Grumpy Cat.

By its unmistakeable facial expression, Grumpy Cat has been known for long time a famous “Internet-Star“. Now the bad-tempered cat is becoming the

brand ambassador for the new Opel Adam. Together with the slogan #opelgoesgrumpy, the Cat-Car-Duo can be seen everywhere.

Opel thus not only focus on the Grumpy Cat, also Georgia May Jagger and german Youtuber like Nilam Farooq promote the campaign – However, the only existing memory in the consumers head remains as “Grumpy Cat“.


Sunday Times Rich List

Also the Sunday Times has once created a special campaign for its annual rich list. Weeks ago before publishing, candidates like Elton John, Simon Cowell and Richard Branson were printed in an animated version as fat cats with typical attributes such as hairstyle or glasses. Very funny!


Netto Cats

Cats everywhere! The german Discounter Netto also integrates the cute velvet paws together with advertisement king “Jung von Matt“ in their campaign. In a one-minute spot the whole internet prominence of cats buys only at Netto.

Besides of Grumpy Cat you can see the Keyboard Cat or the internet classic “Cucumber and Cats“.

Real cat lovers, by the way, can watch the 10-hour version on Youtube.


Fiat Blackjack

Animal testimonials are extremely popular among automobile manufacturers. Also Fiat decides against human ambassadors for its new model “Blackjack“. With the slogan “reveal your dark side“ one can see animals in costumes on posters, like a black bear dressed as a polar bear.


Budweiser #Bestbuds

In the year 2015, the american beer brand Budweiser ensured double emotions in the commercial break of the Super Bowl: friendship and animals. In the short spot it´s all about two particularly famous #bestbuds: a puppy and a horse. The ones, who want to promote their companies with a spot or a campaign do not always have to corporate with human influencers – also in Germany, Petfluencer à la Grumpy Cat are springing up like mushrooms out of the ground. The consumer seems to like it!

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