PIABO Newbies: The Team Continues To Grow

New situations come with new possibilities, we are starting out strong in 2021: Despite new challenges due to the pandemic and its consequences, many companies were able to strengthen their efforts in their digital transformation in various areas. The increasing demand for tech competencies has affected our team quite positively, meaning: since October 2020, we have a solid number of 20 incredible new PIABOs on board. In that sense, we are happy to welcome so many new faces over the last six months.

Unser Team wächst: Wir freuen uns über so viele neue Kolleginnen und Kollegen.

Our team is growing: we are happy to have so many new colleagues.

It’s with great pleasure that we are introducing them to you more personally – in alphabetical order.

Ann-Kathrin Maggraf

Ann-Kathrin started her journey at PIABO as a Communications Consultant in October. She joined the B2B Unit with a main focus on sustainability topics. She is especially interested in tech companies that foster ideas to create a greener and more sustainable future. That’s why she enjoys her daily work in the area of Greentech, Cleantech, Climatech and EdTech. She is looking forward to being a part of PIABO and helping green technologies and sustainable solutions gain the visibility they deserve and to further draw attention to visionary founders as a relevant voice in the public sphere.

Celine Rzychon 

Celine has been supporting our operations team as Lead Talent Ambassador since the beginning of this year. She will use her strong  passion for recruiting and support PIABO in spotting new tech communication experts . She is especially looking forward to being surrounded by inspiring and creative minds wanting to make an impact in the future. A polarising statement from Celine: She doesn’t care at all whether the button strip of the duvet is up or down when sleeping. Do you agree? Let’s discuss! 

Clara Porath

Clara Porath started as a Communications Executive in Marc-Pierre Hoeft’s unit on the first of November. With her Master’s degree in Management and Marketing  as well as her work experience in social media marketing at a manufacturing company for sensors, actuators and Sensor2Cloud solutions, she possesses the fundamental understanding of tech and communication to thrive as a PR consultant at PIABO. She looks forward to exciting projects and loves the fact that every day is different at PIABO. Clara also enjoys acquiring new knowledge in her private life: She is currently learning Danish in her leisure time. 

Doran Hayoun

Doran joined our social media team in January as a Digital Communications Assistant. She has a lot of practical experience already, as she diligently and wholeheartedly cultivates her own social media channels. In fact, she has built up quite a number of followers already. According to Doran, the key to successfully building up a social media presence is to develop an understanding for what is well received by the community and responding to it. She is enthusiastic about helping to shape our corporate vision together with her new colleagues. Doran is also excited to work with international clients as every country and culture brings new challenges and skills that encourage personal development.

Elias-Ahmed El Sesiy

Elias-Ahmed started as Communications Executive at PIABO in early January. He supports our Deep Tech Unit. He is particularly looking forward to broadening his skill set in public relations as well as expanding his knowledge in various focus areas in the technology industry. What very few people know: Elias-Ahmet has been playing a little role in the German television show Hour of Truth (German: Stunde der Wahrheit).

Jan Friedel 

Marc Pierre’s unit is looking forward to having a new Communications Manager: Jan Friedel from Berlin joined the team in December 2020 and is passionate about consumer electronics and influencer relations. At PIABO, he is particularly excited about new companies and their innovative approaches. You’ve come to the right place, Jan!

Jens Timmermann

We would like to welcome Jens Timmermann as our new  finance and investment manager. His main focus lies on topics fostering the digitalisation of accounting, as well as the administration of investments. He is looking forward to new challenges, especially in regard to digitalizing the processes in the areas of accounting and controlling, because he loves everything to do with numbers. 

Julie Liu

Our newest joiner is Julie. She was born and raised in Berlin and joined PIABO in February. As a Communications Consultant, she supports the Deep Tech Unit. Her heart beats for B2B PR – and that’s why she is located in the Team of Maria and works with deep tech topics. This includes Industry 4.0, Work/Task Management and Datacenter. She is looking forward to working with her great new colleagues at PIABO. We are looking forward to it too, Julie! 

Lars Kitzmann

The experienced communications consultant Lars joined PIABO after his recent PR activities in Dublin. He had already narrowed his focus on the digital economy and tech at his last PR agency, which makes him a valuable addition to the team. His affinity for languages goes beyond German: in fact, he is a certified translator in English and French. At PIABO, Lars is looking forward to working with clients from different industries. As Communications Consultant, he has been supporting Maria Samos’ team since October and is the right contact for fintech, VCs and M&A. 

Lucas Florian 

With Lucas Florian, we welcome a new digital strategist to the team who will complement the leadership team of the digital communications unit.  Lucas’ responsibilities are focused on the growing demand for digital brand communication in B2C & B2B, personal branding or content marketing. The Romanian’s heart beats for the expansion of PIABO’s digital expertise and storytelling “in the Age of the Smartphone “. For him, PIABO is not only “the agency for doers “, but also full of doers itself , who surprise and inspire him every day. He is especially looking forward to working with the team. Fun fact about him: He shot his graduation film at the film university in a Nigerian village and was appointed as a prince by the village elders. Yes, we even have a Nigerian prince in our team. 

Michele Paulsen 

As Communications Manager in Maria Samos’ unit, Michele Paulsen has been supporting the team since December. She draws back on experience from working in different PR agencies and media companies. Her expertise is ideally located in the fields of entertainment, lifestyle, e-commerce and mobility. Before she moved to the capital, she had been working in a PR agency in Hamburg. What few people know about her: In addition to her PR work, she also works as a roving reporter for television and radio. 

Nico Wilczek 

In October, Nico Wilczek started his apprenticeship as an office management assistant within the operations team. He has been actively taking care of the office management since the very first minute. He is the contact person for the entire team and helps wherever he can, always in a good mood and with a positive mindset. He says of himself: “I think laughter and smiles make life more beautiful.” After only four months he is also particularly happy about the dynamics of team culture at PIABO. To him it seems like he not only belongs to it, but that he has always been part of it. 

Nina Eich

Born in Freiburg, Nina joined the Digital Unit as a graphic designer in January. Previously, she was a self-employed designer and worked freelance with various design agencies. A well thought-out concept is the foundation of her work. She prefers to work on topics related to sustainability, society and campaigns.  

Stefan Granzow 

Stefan also began his work as Communications Executive in Maria Samos’ unit in October. He has dedicated his main focus to topics from the areas of Fintech, Saas, Sustainability and Media. Born in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Stefan can already say: “At PIABO, everyday is different;  The variety of tech companies result in a multitude of exciting topics and a constant increase in knowledge.” We are happy to accompany you on this journey. Welcome Stefan!

Robert Thielicke 

Our new Director of the Healthtech unit Robert states about himself that he cannot see wounds without feeling sick. Maybe that’s exactly why he wants everything to become more digital. With his experience as editor-in-chief of a renowned technology magazine he not only possesses valuable insights about editing and journalism but also on communication trends of the future. In November 2020, he kicked-off his new Healthtech Unit which deals with topics related to technology and health ever since. His goal at PIABO is to drive forward a long-neglected topic with the digitalization of the health system in order to advance the digitalisation in medical care. We are convinced that we will be able to achieve this goal with him. With this in mind: Welcome to PIABO.

Roland Ernst

Our Deep and Greentech team welcomes Roland Ernst as a new Senior Communications Consultant in Maria Urban’s unit since February. He builds on many years of experience in tech PR. His holistic knowledge about the industry is super valuable in order to guide through complexities and break them down into understandable bits. He is fascinated by technologies that combine progress and sustainability and is also particularly familiar with complex undertakings. He likes to dive deep into that! 

Sarah Wilker 

With a strong interest in e-commerce and mobility, we are happy to welcome Sarah Wilker as a Communications Manager in  January. Her focus, however, is primarily on B2C topics. That’s why Simone Krist’s unit is particularly happy about the new team member. Born in Berlin, she is excited about many new projects, while actually taking her first steps into the agency life at PIABO. She wants to gain new experiences, learn from the new team members and discover new things every day. You can count on that, dear Sarah.

Sophia Hess 

One of our newest joiners is Sophia, who is part of Maria Samos’ team as Communications Manager. She is already an expert online publishing: Three years ago, after finishing her studies, she founded her own fashion blog Coutourista, which she still runs as Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief. That’s why she also has a personal preference for lifestyle topics, but continues to expand her focus around SaaS. At PIABO, she is particularly looking forward to many new challenges and new experiences in the digital sector. 

Viktoria Hachmeister

The Digital Communications Unit is happy to welcome another new member: Communications Manager Viktoria, a native of East Frisia, brings a breath of fresh air to the team led by Felix Willikonsky and Lucas Florian. She is passionate about sustainability topics and enthusiastically explores new platforms. The ambitious sourdough baker came to Berlin three years ago and has already gained experience in various agencies. She says about herself “I got 99 problems, but my sourdough ain’t one.”

Vivien Robert

Vivien joined Marc Pierre Hoeft’s unit as Communications Assistant in October – next to her studies in business administration – specialising in public relations and marketing communications. She is excited to apply her theoretical understanding of her studies in practical terms at PIABO. She is particularly looking forward to working with exciting tech companies and thus gaining more practical experience in the digital and innovation industry. We hope you learn a lot and wish that you have a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to new projects in 2021 and are thankful for so many new talents, knowing that we can rely on the strengths of our team.