The Top 5 Magazines You Should be Following for 3D Printing

The 3D Printing Industry continues to grow, presenting new applications and solutions on a regular basis. The rise of new technologies have provided young companies with the opportunity to rapidly grow and expand in the international arena. While established ones have reviewed existing processes that could highly impact the performance of their businesses. The evolution of this fast growing industry has been in the eye of several media, but some of them have focused on this topic in greater depth. The following magazines are the top 5 you can not miss if you want to be up to date with the latest 3D printing trends.

3D Print

3D Print is an online specialized magazine covering news from all around the world. From users news to new machinery, software solutions to consulting providers, 3D Print has been a reference for the English speaking market for 1 million readers. Although their audience mainly centers in English speaking countries, specially in the US, it counts with a very loyal audience in Germany.

3D Printing Industry

As well as 3D Print, 3DPI is an international and specialized media reporting in 3D printing and 3D scanning news and events world wide. Technology advances, digital tools for process optimization, new use cases, new materials, and companies collaboration are among the stories you can find here. Its news classification per industry helps the reader stay up-to-date on topics of their interest. It is the second biggest 3D printing online magazine in the English language and the number 1 in the UK.


This magazine specializes in engineering breaks through and trends. It focuses in innovation and digitalization stories of several industries and applications. Here you can find a wide variety of news on engineering topics, including Additive Manufacturing (AM). English speaking countries are their primary audience, and it has a strong presence in China and India.

Metal AM

This business-to-business magazine, website and e-newsletter has been in the market for several years. Since the rise of metal 3D printing several companies have adopted the technology into their production processes for both prototyping and recently series productions. These are exactly the topics that this magazine focuses on, the commercial and technical developments in the metal Additive Manufacturing industry.


Is a news organization, one of the oldest online 3D printing magazines dedicated to providing news, trends and analysis in the Additive Manufacturing field. They are “committed to the dissemination of innovative ideas, creative design, and valuable know-how that will benefit like-minded readers and 3D printing enthusiasts.” They provide the latest news and updates on 3D printing, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, 3D printers and all innovations in the area.

TCT Magazine

While  the TCT Group contributes to the  acceleration of the adoption of technologies that power innovation, with the organization of key 3D printing events around the world, the TCT Magazine is the foundation of The TCT Group‘s media arm. They cover news in design-to-manufacturing innovation, from across the globe centering in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, imaging, design and development software.

And These Are the Biggest 3-D Printing Magazines to Follow in the German Language

3D Grenzenlos

3D-grenzenlos is a free and independent Online-Magazine and news portal specialized in the topic 3D Printing. Their readers go from 3D Specialists, 3D Enthusiasts, to companies’ managers and decision makers that need to be updated on trends, news and general information of the exciting world of 3D Printing.


It is also one of the biggest independent online-magazine for additive manufacturing in the German language. They offer the community the latest, most important and detailed news, trends, studies and successful developments of the world of additive manufacturing. Here you can also find thorough information on technologies, products and companies’ contacts.


Additive manufacturing serves as a generic term for various processes for the rapid and cost-effective production of models, samples, prototypes, tools and end products: “stereolithography”, selective laser melting, selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling (FDM), laminated object modeling (LOM) and 3D printing as well as cold gas spraying are indispensable in industry today. The specialised magazine Additive Manufacturing thus serves their audience as an important source of information and offers a comprehensive technology overview. The magazine is available online and in printed format.

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