These Are The Most Important Media For Blockchain And Crypto In Germany

The blockchain industry has grown at a rapid pace in recent years. Berlin offers the world one of the best blockchain ecosystems and attracts first-class investors, founders and blockchain enthusiasts. PIABO has been at the centre of this blockchain scene for years and presents the best start-ups and most exciting topics at events and in the media. We want to outline the most important media that explicitly deal with blockchain technology.


More than 100 pages of quality content, a column and a detailed glossary – this is the Blockmagazin, the first print medium in the world of Blockchain. After a detailed explanation of how the blockchain works, 13 articles in the first issue of the magazine provide both experienced and inexperienced readers with in-depth background knowledge about ICOs and the various applications of the blockchain such as supply chain management and the training system.


Probably the most popular online magazine dedicated to the Blockchain is BTC-Echo. The leading German-language media platform provides daily news about Bitcoin, other crypto currencies and Blockchain. Fundamentally important for the magazine are values like independence and critical analysis when reporting on current developments in the digital currency markets. Also the BTC-Echo YouTube channel was reactivated in April this year.

Finance Forward

Daily news, interviews, portraits and a daily newsletter – Finance Forward provides you with a holistic picture about all important happenings. The magazine, which is the result of a collaboration between the business magazine Capital and the event platform OMR, informs its readership about banks, stock exchange, financial market and Fintechs, as well as Blockchain, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. On top, there is more in-depth content: Every Wednesday, the most important heads of the financial world talk about current topics in the Finance Forward Podcast.

Blockchain Insider

Looking into the trade magazine Blockchain Insider, the multi-faceted application and implementation of blockchain technology becomes apparent within seconds. The magazine offers versatile content about basically anything your blockchain heart desires, from the most diverse application possibilities such as IoT, healthcare, supply chain or automotive to legal issues, for example, data protection. 


The specialist portal offers you extensive explanations, analyses and news about Blockchain, so there is something for everyone. Furthermore, especially the crypto-lovers among you will get their money’s worth. Instructions for crypto acquisition, news, analyses and forecasts – you will find all this bundled here. So if you want to deal with crypto currencies, is your go-to portal.

One thing is for sure: Despite good media offers, there is still a huge need to educate the majority of the population about Blockchain. As an experienced partner, PIABO helps companies with their press work for Blockchain based solutions. 

Paul Gärtner, Senior Communications Consultant at PIABO, is at your disposal for further information on this topic.