Time to say Thanks

Busy times: PIABO PR is growing constantly. We are proud to celebrate a huge success having built up a strong and solid network of clients, partners and multipliers over the past 13 years. This is of course a result of combined strengths, the efforts of our team, the presence of our CEO at global events and our flexible working structures to coordinate clients all around the world. As digital natives we know how to play the game, but we also invest a lot of time to assure our pioneering position in tech communications.

The role of support

The question is: How did we get there? We would not be in this position without the support of our families and friends. They were the ones who accompanied us when starting our academic career, who frequently challenged our knowledge and who carried us through our downfalls. They followed every step of our personal growth. Of course, we take decisions ourselves, but it is always the people we meet on our journey that influence our standpoints and foster our development. Hence, we wanted to establish an event that underlines the importance of saying THANK YOU – because we are aware of the fact that we haven’t come all this way on our own.

Our Family & Friends Party

With moving to our new office we followed this vision. Now that we had the space, we wanted to take the time to host a special night. On March 22nd, we gathered in the cozy atmosphere of our office in order to kick-off our new space with a lot of food and drinks. It was nice to celebrate the night with grandparents, children, friends from school and former colleagues. In the warmth of their presence, we enjoyed a lot of laughter, music and talks.

Why it is important to us to give special thanks

Sometimes we need to step back from the flashing lights of the media and take care of the relationships that laid the foundation for us to rise. Showing gratitude to our families and friends is a way to acknowledge the big part they take in our personal development.  Thank you for all the years you stood by, thank you for listening to our stories and the times you expressed your understanding when we had to stay in late. Our success at PIABO is also based on your strong support. Thank you!