Inside PIABO: Andreas Krönke about personal career development, diverse clients and his love for sustainability

Do you wonder what it is like to work at PIABO and grow with the company? In our new monthly series we will introduce you to our twelve longest serving employees. 

Firstly, we want to introduce Andreas Krönke, our Unit Director Technology, office-sustainability ambassador and founder of our recently installed Greentech & Sustainability Practice.

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Greentech events 2020: The perfect events for those interested in impact and sustainability

With the Fridays for Future movement providing a rallying cry to politicians to do more to protect the climate, more and more companies and young founders are adapting to the growing desire for socially and ecologically sustainable products and services. Climate and environmental protection is worthwhile not only from an ecological and social perspective, but also from an economic one. 
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Save The Date: Third Berlin Blockchain Week with an exciting program in 2020

From September 8 to 16, the Berlin Blockchain Week is going into the next round with a diverse and exciting program. For the third time, the annual event will be organized by the Berlin Blockchain community as a truly decentralized event with different event organizers collaborating.

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SEO loves PR

Keyword density, do-follow links, alternative texts and crawlers. Anyone who listens to a lecture on search engine optimization (SEO) is tempted to leave the room if he/she is not involved in the topic. That’s how intimidating the technical language is at first glance. SEO and PR just don’t seem to have anything in common. After all, PR is made for people – and SEO for machines. This assumption is still widespread. 

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Industry 4.0: Top 10 IIoT Events 2020 in Germany

The networking of systems, people and things has long since found its way into production and continues to spread to our households. Especially due to new developments such as the 5G mobile radio Internet, which will have a particularly strong influence on the Internet of Things and its fields of application and efficiency. At these industry events next year you will meet decision-makers and innovators and learn everything you need to know about the future of digitization and industry 4.0.

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The XATHON in Berlin: Tailwind for Female Entrepreneurs

Ensuring that the proportion of women and men in management positions is balanced, that they are offered the same opportunities and that their talent is promoted equally should long have been a matter of course. But once more this year’s figures show that there is still a long way to go to get there! According to the Female Founders Monitor, even though the number of female-founded start-ups has risen slightly compared to last year, in Germany it is still predominantly men who found start-ups: 84.9 percent of founders in Germany are male, with only 15.1 percent female. One of the main reasons for the low proportion of women is the unequal distribution of investment: after all, female-led start-ups still receive significantly less venture capital than those led by their male counterparts. 

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Conversational AI shapes future of CX

Voice Interaction Design, automatic speech recognition and branding by Voice. These current topics introduce a new era of customer experience and that is exactly what the Voice & Chatbot Summit in Berlin from 11th to 13th December is all about.

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Blockchain in Berlin: Is Berlin becoming a global hub?

Mindset, skills and creativity spark interest in the capital city 

The heart of the international Blockchain scene lies at the Spree, the experts of this year’s blockchain breakfast at the Factory Berlin agree upon. Hundreds of Blockchain companies have been founded in the German capital since 2013, two successful examples are ZKsystems and Concensum.

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Employee Empowerment: Powerful Tools to Improve Your Feedback Culture

Feedback is key to company culture. People need to feel comfortable voicing ideas and opinions, and valued enough to want to contribute. However, many employees receive little feedback on performance, behaviour or development, even if they ask for it. But the benefits of an active feedback culture are enormous: it not only increases motivation, but also creates the basis for further changes.

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Five trends from DMEXCO 2019

DMEXCO is one of the compulsory events of the German e-commerce, adtech and digital economy. Many international companies use the conference and trade fair in Cologne to present their products and services on the European stage. We have compiled a brief overview of important trends for all those who could not be there or who would like a summary of DMEXCO in view of the sheer abundance of topics. Read more