Our PIABO Charity Project: How the Digital Career Institute Trains Talents For The IT Industry

The tech sector is considered one of the most important future fields in Germany – many companies are desperately looking for qualified software developers. Although many people from different backgrounds are looking for jobs, companies have great difficulty finding the right talent and filling the vacancies. That’s why PIABO has decided to launch a charity campaign in cooperation with the Digital Career Institute at the end of last year (2019). Our idea was to support a company, committed to education in the technology sector, with a donation and press work.

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Prof. Dr. Maren Urner On The Impact Of Mass Media In Times Of Corona

Prof. Dr. Maren Urner studied cognitive science and neuroscience. She currently teaches media psychology at the HMKW – University for Media Communication and Economy in Cologne. In 2015 she co-founded the online magazine Perspective Daily, the first ad-free format for constructive journalism in the German-speaking world. In an interview with Tilo Bonow, she explains by which means politicians and business representatives can persuade people and communicate in a goal as well as solution-oriented manner, even when faced with difficult decisions such as in the current Corona crisis.

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Raising Flags, Celebrating Diversity!

For more than 50 years now, in June and July the LGBTQ+ community worldwide publicly celebrates PRIDE in the form of parades, protests and parties with shimmering flags, colorful costumes and loud music. In this way, the LGBTQ+ community and its allies set an example in highlighting diversity and individualism while demanding full equality and social acceptance for queer people. There is a lot of catching up to do in this area, not only with regard to the LGTBQ+ community, but also the Black Lives Matter movement and many others. Read more

From Fridays for Future to TikTok: PR work with Generation Z

#OKBoomer, VSCO Girl, cringe and lit – if these terms don’t mean anything to you, you are not speaking the language of the so-called Generation Z. The under-25 year olds are an enormously important target group for many companies and brands and present new challenges to traditional PR work. After all, how do you reach a target group that is almost exclusively using TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat? 

In order to reach them you have to understand what they are interested in and what they desire. This is a guidebook about Generation Z and the channels on which they can be found.  Read more

How Digital Health Will Improve Out Future

Stephanie Kaiser is co-founder and managing director of the digital health platform Heartbeat Labs and is a member of the digital council that advises the German government on digitalization issues. Together with Tilo, she talks about how far we have come in the digitalization of the health sector, which markets are ahead in this field and which difficulties innovators face when it comes to modernizing processes in hospitals, medical practices or the private health sector. 

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Inside PIABO: Fabian Zeitler about zeitgeist and the tech scene, PIABO’s rapid growth and high-quality standards

Fabian was born in Berlin and is a permanent member of the PIABO team since May 2014. As Senior Communications Director he is mainly responsible for B2B topics such as SaaS or Corporate Financing. His current clients include HR software company Personio, Silicon Valley Bank and influencer marketing platform ReachHero.

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The New Normality: How to Re-strategize Content

The pandemic has taken all of us by surprise and created massive changes in our everyday reality – from how we work and communicate, to how and what we buy. Lockdowns have led to a “near collapse” of many business sectors, they also have created significant shifts in consumer behavior. Since the outbreak, we can see many companies and brands put all marketing and communications on hold. However, every crisis is also an opportunity for renewal, revival, return to ‘what is important’; revision of the positioning strategy based on brand values that support their communities in building the ‘new normality’. Read more

Inside PIABO: Julia Tenner about PIABO’s tech focus and team culture

Do you wonder what it’s like to work at PIABO and grow with the company? In this blog series, once a month, we introduce you to one of our twelve longest serving employees. 

Today you will get to know Julia. She is now in her seventh year at PIABO and works here as Senior Account Director in the B2B team. The customer base she supports at PIABO is very diverse and ranges from the open source software giant GitHub over the software company VMware to the Silicon Valley pioneer Silicon Valley Bank and the second hand champion momox.  

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Inside PIABO: Andreas Krönke about personal career development, diverse clients and his love for sustainability

Do you wonder what it is like to work at PIABO and grow with the company? In our new monthly series we will introduce you to our twelve longest serving employees. 

Firstly, we want to introduce Andreas Krönke, our Unit Director Technology, office-sustainability ambassador and founder of our recently installed Greentech & Sustainability Practice.

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Greentech events 2020: The perfect events for those interested in impact and sustainability

With the Fridays for Future movement providing a rallying cry to politicians to do more to protect the climate, more and more companies and young founders are adapting to the growing desire for socially and ecologically sustainable products and services. Climate and environmental protection is worthwhile not only from an ecological and social perspective, but also from an economic one. 
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