These Are The Most Important Media For Blockchain And Crypto In Germany

The blockchain industry has grown at a rapid pace in recent years. Berlin offers the world one of the best blockchain ecosystems and attracts first-class investors, founders and blockchain enthusiasts. PIABO has been at the centre of this blockchain scene for years and presents the best start-ups and most exciting topics at events and in the media. We want to outline the most important media that explicitly deal with blockchain technology.

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Inside PIABO: Simone Krist on team success, corporate culture and the pioneering spirit

For our blog series called “our longest-serving employees” we spoke to Simone Krist, Unit Director B2C, about her role as a manager at PIABO. The result was a lively conversation about PIABO’s corporate culture and she provided plenty of insights into the teams and collaborative partnerships, and why it is so important to work on an equal footing with partners. Simone offers an exciting look at PIABO’s growth and talks about her experiences in the tech industry and her enthusiasm for the PIABO team.

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The Magic of Data: Best Cases for Data-driven Storytelling (Part 2)

Data-driven PR stories enjoy great popularity, especially in editorial offices for economics they are in great demand. However, the strategic use of data in communication is for many companies still new territory. Only one in five companies uses a strategic approach to data-driven decision-making, reports a study by Mention and Mynewsdesk (2019). The reasons are manifold: from missing data analysis competencies or lack of time to no accessible data. 

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How does an AI judge – and who’s responsible for it anyway?

With progressive development, artificial intelligence is being used more and more: Whether smart speakers, e-health or autonomous driving, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our everyday life. However, as much as it helps us in many areas of life and, above all, in industrial production, we are increasingly confronted with complex questions on its use and handling. These questions are primarily of an ethical nature and concern, for example, responsibilities and liability. Read more

The Phenomenon Of Direct Brands – Are These Only Start-ups Or Much More?

According to recent studies, there are already more than 22,000 start-ups worldwide that develop a brand around a single physical product or around a specific product group. These brands sell primarily, or exclusively, directly to the customer – i.e. D2C. The distribution channel is always online first. At a later stage, the online channels are often supplemented by own retail stores or new retail formats.

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Introducing our PIABO Newbies

Summer brings a breath of fresh air to the PIABO sails, as we start the second half of the year with new talent. The Corona crisis has not only reshuffled the cards for businesses, but has also opened or forced new digital means for many. This has also changed the potential requirements for good communication.

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The Magic Of Data: Data-driven Storytelling For Companies (Part 1)

“Data is King”! Although this sentence sounds almost a bit hackneyed, it is as relevant as never before: data is and will remain the most important resource in the digital age. However, often negative associations come to mind when discussing the use and protection of data. In fact, anonymised data can and should have a social and above all informative added value and tell exciting stories that enrich all our lives. 

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Green start-ups transforming our economy

Recent climate research presents dramatic findings that are making serious calls for moving away from a purely profit-oriented economy. More and more companies are fine-tuning sustainable products and services to meet people’s growing demand for climate-friendly and socially responsible consumption – and more importantly, to protect the future of the planet. Of central importance are so-called Greentechs: start-ups that develop technology solutions for environmental and climate protection, thus challenging the traditional economy to revise old patterns. Read more

Our PIABO Charity Project: How the Digital Career Institute Trains Talents For The IT Industry

The tech sector is considered one of the most important future fields in Germany – many companies are desperately looking for qualified software developers. Although many people from different backgrounds are looking for jobs, companies have great difficulty finding the right talent and filling the vacancies. That’s why PIABO has decided to launch a charity campaign in cooperation with the Digital Career Institute at the end of last year (2019). Our idea was to support a company, committed to education in the technology sector, with a donation and press work.

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Prof. Dr. Maren Urner On The Impact Of Mass Media In Times Of Corona

Prof. Dr. Maren Urner studied cognitive science and neuroscience. She currently teaches media psychology at the HMKW – University for Media Communication and Economy in Cologne. In 2015 she co-founded the online magazine Perspective Daily, the first ad-free format for constructive journalism in the German-speaking world. In an interview with Tilo Bonow, she explains by which means politicians and business representatives can persuade people and communicate in a goal as well as solution-oriented manner, even when faced with difficult decisions such as in the current Corona crisis.

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