Future Health: The biggest Trends in 2021

Covid-19 has changed the health system, but the upheaval goes much deeper than mere digitisation, telemedicine or the electronic exchange of patient records. The entire health system will tick differently after the crisis than before – from the clinic director down to the patient. 2020 has triggered developments that will significantly shape 2021 and the years after. With all the uncertainties that come with foresight in times of a pandemic, here are the five big health tech trends in 2021 presented by our Unit Director Health Tech Robert Thielicke, former Editor-in-Chief of the MIT Technology Review, a renowned science magazine.

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Creating trust, building knowledge, winning customers: Communication for AI companies

Smooth translations, image recognition and intelligent chatbots are only a few examples of numerous exciting applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) which make our everyday and working life more comfortable, safer or more efficient. AI is therefore often rightly seen as the number one driver of innovation in digital technologies. 

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Secure vaccine delivery: PIABO communicates for the innovative logistics provider SkyCell

PIABO PR, Germany’s leading full-service PR partner for the digital economy, is now communicating for the medical logistics provider Skycell. With its data-driven technology, the Swiss company optimises supply chains for airfreight shipments of sensitive drugs and vaccines by producing  risk assessments for the routes before each shipment. The company’s proprietary risk analysis software draws on almost one billion data points on temperature, place and time.

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XPRESS Ventures, Cargonexx and Eveon Containers and : Logistics Disruption Drivers choose PIABO PR

PIABO PR, Germany’s leading full-service PR partner for the digital economy, is expanding its customer portfolio in the retail and logistics industry with three innovators. Cargonexx, XPRESS Ventures and Eveon Containers are now communicating in cooperation with PIABO.

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Inside PIABO: Dominik Kratzenberg about close costumer ties and the innovative minds shaping our future

Dominik Kratzenberg always has a friendly smile on his face, is a real team player and creative mind, who values a good and above all cooperative customer relationship. He has accompanied many of his clients for several years, growing into an excellently coordinated team – trusted partners. The family man of a two-year-old son is a well-esteemed Communications Director, responsible for clients like the Belgian start-up cowboy, the largest online portal for professional product testing Testberichte.de, or the travel app of omio. In the current blog series “Inside PIABO: Our longest-serving employees” he tells about the experiences that have shaped him along with his personal growth at PIABO.

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PIABO communicates for the digital agency Turbine Kreuzberg

PIABO PR, Germany’s leading full-service PR partner for the digital industry, is taking over communications for the digital agency Turbine Kreuzberg. Through creative storytelling and educational work, the two tech specialists aim to promote highly complex technical projects in the DACH region. These include, for example, the digital patient file (DePA) or the development of digital platforms for companies.

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MIT Technology Review Editor-in-Chief Robert Thielicke establishes Healthtech Unit at PIABO PR

PIABO PR, Germany’s leading full-service PR partner for the digital industry, expands its health and biotech expertise with Robert Thielicke as new Unit Director. The long-standing editor-in-chief of the German edition of the MIT Technology Review, which belongs to the publishing company Heise Medien, will now lead a separate healthtech unit to further promote digital champions and to accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

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How Direct Brands Steal The Show From Established Brands … And Also Growth (part 2)

Think about the following scenario: You are a manager of a leading German car manufacturer. On a daily basis questions arise why you are not as “fresh” and not as “digital” as Tesla. You would probably lose patience at some point and point out that you are an established company and a traditional brand which cannot change so quickly. In fact, new mobility and digitization definitely need some time here in Germany …

However, today’s consumers don’t really care where innovative ideas come from, so they get excited about purchasing the new Tesla Model Y and drive into the future. Targeted by Tesla’s D2C distribution strategy, which provides for personalized and direct online sales, the end consumer gets in touch with their innovative products twofold Both digitally and physically, e.g. visiting showrooms in respective cities.

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Inside PIABO: Katharina Hein on the multiplicity of Tech-PR, her position as team ambassador and PIABO’s new home

In our new blog series “Our longest serving employees” we introduce you to Katharina Hein. She is Communications Director and has been a permanent member of the PIABO team since 2016. Katharina is part of the B2C unit and deals with topics ranging from education and new work to mobility and sustainability. Her clients currently include the mobility start-up Cowboy, the learning app simpleclub, the foodtech Infarm and the sustainability pioneer Patagonia. Katharina was also the first team ambassador. Find out how she came to PIABO, what she particularly appreciates about her daily work and what it is like as a PR consultant to suddenly coordinate a construction site.  Read more

PIABO is the new PR partner of Tresorit in the DACH region

PIABO, Germany’s leading communications agency for the digital economy, has been appointed as PR partner for the Swiss IT security company Tresorit, a provider of an end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge content collaboration platform (CCP). The focus of the communication work will be on restoring trust in the cloud. To achieve this, the company provides a platform that combines enterprise-grade security with consumer-grade simplicity.

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