Media landscapes in Germany and China: Same same but different

Since the launch of One Belt One Road Initiatives, Chinese government has been pushing and inducing foreign investors and domestic producers to move inland through its “Go West” policy. Following this trend, in recent years, Germany has been the favorite country for Chinese direct investments in Europe.

Whilst Chinese companies are expanding their investments in Germany, it is also worth looking into how communication can help Chinese companies succeed in Germany. In our experience in helping companies in both China and Germany, we have observed that the ways to communicate and the media landscape in Germany are different, but also similar in some regards. Let’s have a look.
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Communications specialist for financial revolutionaries: PIABO’s competence team continues to grow with Sabrina Rymarowicz as Head of Fintech & Insurtech

  • Additional topics Cryptocurrency, ICO’s and Blockchain

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Dual leadership in the B2C management team: PIABO’s management level grows with Pawel Zoneff as Unit Director B2C

  • Reinforcement for PIABO’s management: Pawel Zoneff now heads the B2C Unit together with Simone Krist
  • From Tinder to Nokia: Companies trust PIABO’s competent B2C Unit

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How you survive in the German PR jungle: 10 tips for a successful communication strategy in Germany

After launching a great and innovative startup overseas, the next milestone for many companies from America is to expand to foreign markets such as Europe. With Germany being the economic powerhouse of the European Union, it’s capital Berlin presents an attractive environment for expansion – the economic mood is positive and the startup scene is booming.

Even though American and German market mechanisms are similar, the media landscape is quite different. Strategies that work in the US might fail in Germany. Here are 10 points that you should consider in order to make it with German media:

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SEO and PR – An inseparable pair

In recent years, the way in which communication and PR work has significantly changed. This is partly due to the development of social networks and their intensive use in your personal and business level. But it also has something to do with how the internet works, or what rules Google has set up.

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