PIABO supports Scout24 in its positioning as Digital Champion

  • The aim of the cooperation is to strategically position Scout24 as a leading digital company.
  • With a focus on Germany, PIABO supports Scout24 in the areas of management positioning, employer branding and thought leadership in the field of artificial intelligence.

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PIABO establishes new Consumer Electronics & Business Hardware Practice led by industry veteran Elena Strzelczyk

PIABO, Europe’s leading full-service PR partner for the digital economy, is expanding its senior consulting team with the new Practice Director Elena Strzelczyk. The experienced specialist will take the lead in consumer electronics and business hardware and support both the B2B and B2C teams with her expertise.

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PIABO PR launches China Practice

  • The leading German Tech PR agency PIABO expands its China competence team in Beijing and Shanghai
  • PIABO PR has been successfully supporting companies in their expansion to China and establishing Chinese companies in the European market since five years
  • The cooperation with experienced PR specialists on site ensures excellent result

Berlin, August 31, 2018 – PIABO, Germany’s leading PR agency for the digital economy, is increasing its presence in the Chinese market. With the extension of its Shanghai office and its new hub in Beijing, PIABO is responding to the growing demand from European and American clients to expand into the Chinese market. Thanks to the extended  local presence, the agency can also support Chinese clients even more comprehensively in their positioning in Europe.

Tilo Bonow, founder and CEO of PIABO explains: “We are specialized in working with the pioneers of the digital economy. Besides the USA, where we have already established ourselves as the first contact for the tech industry, China is the most important technology market in the world. China offers an infinite number of exciting opportunities in both directions: On the one hand, we help Chinese companies to expand into the European market and thus increase brand awareness and build networks. On the other hand, we support European and American customers in establishing their presence in the Chinese market.”

Due to the close cooperation with experienced local PR specialists, PIABO has a deep understanding of the specifics and requirements of the Chinese market. ” Besides working with our own team, we also work closely with local agency partners. This enables us to learn from each other and offer a wide range of services. Thanks to our Chinese partners, we combine PIABO’s many years of PR experience in western markets with our partner’s special knowledge of the Chinese media landscape and economy.  This enables us to perfectly meet the specific market requirements and thus create first-class work.”

PIABO PR introduces cryptocurrencies as a payment method

  • Payment processing now possible with Bitcoin and Ether
  • Tech PR agency actively supports blockchain technology

Berlin, August 1, 2018 – PIABO PR, Germany’s leading PR agency for the digital economy, is one of the first German PR providers to accept cryptocurrencies as means of payment from now on. The agency’s customers now have the possibility to pay with Bitcoin or Ether. “Blockchain is one of the technologically most important topics of our time. Our customers are the pioneers of the digital economy. With our know-how and our experience we want to accompany those projects, with which we can carry out a long-term and positive impact on economic advancement. In this context it is only the next logical step to offer a payment option with cryptocurrencies”, PIABO founder and CEO Tilo Bonow explains.

In recent years, both blockchain technology itself and the cryptocurrencies based on it have become increasingly important. These business fields are no longer niches: large companies invest in their own blockchain systems. For PIABO as a PR agency with a specialisation in full service communication for tech pioneers, it is an obvious conclusionto actively support this entrepreneur and investor community in their further development.

“Of course there are still many uncertainties regarding blockchain, in particular about cryptocurrencies”, Tilo Bonow explains. “New regulations are just coming into force. In many countries, they still have to be worked out. Thus, clear communication is required On the one hand to emphasize the benefits of technology to stakeholders and the public, on the other hand to create credibility. As future-oriented as the blockchain system is, it is also currently struggling with image problems regarding ICO (Initial Coin Offering) due to non-standardized processes and frauds. It is therefore even more important to shed the right light on professional providers, to promote trustworthy  infrastructures and to give them the attention they deserve.”


Communications specialist for financial revolutionaries: PIABO’s competence team continues to grow with Sabrina Rymarowicz as Head of Fintech & Insurtech

  • Additional topics Cryptocurrency, ICO’s and Blockchain

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Dual leadership in the B2C management team: PIABO’s management level grows with Pawel Zoneff as Unit Director B2C

  • Reinforcement for PIABO’s management: Pawel Zoneff now heads the B2C Unit together with Simone Krist
  • From Tinder to Nokia: Companies trust PIABO’s competent B2C Unit

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PIABO expands its customer base in Silicon Valley

PIABO, Europe´s leading PR agency of digital economies continues on its growth path. The Berlin agency is continually expanding their existing client portfolio with GitHub, the world´s largest online service in software development, and technology platform Stripe, which developers use for the establishment of online enterprises. In this way, the agency is consolidating its position as one of the first contact person for US technology companies on the european market – in particular, Silicon Valley

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PIABO names Maria Urban as Unit Director Internet of Things

PIABO, Europe´s leading PR agency of digital economies founded a new PR-Unit especially designed for communication in IoT companies. The department is run by Maria Urban, one of the top communication experts within IT- and technology topics.

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PIABO Shops E-Commerce Expert and Launches New Unit

PIABO, Germany’s leading PR agency in the digital economy, announces the launch of a special team of experts dedicated to e-commerce and brand PR: Sunny Wunsch, who was previously responsible for renowned brands such as Sarenza, a leading online-retailer from France (Zalando competitor), and Samsung, takes the lead in the new team, which will complement the current B2B and B2C teams.

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PIABO expands senior consultant team with Unit Director B2C Simone Krist

PIABO expands senior consultant team with Unit Director B2C Simone Krist

Berlin, 17. August 2015


PIABO, the leading public relations agency for the international digital industry, has announced an addition to its team of senior consultants with an  experienced sector specialist: As Unit Director, Simone Krist will head the agency’s B2C business division with immediate effect.

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