Maria Samos Sanchez

Maria Samos Sanchez is the newest Unit Director at PIABO PR

PIABO PR, Germany’s leading full-service PR partner for the digital industry, has won Maria Samos Sanchez as a new Unit Director. Samos Sanchez will take over the management and expansion of her own unit with immediate effect and will further strengthen PIABO’s expertise in the areas of SaaS, media, retailtech and femtech. 

Maria Samos Sanchez

The Spanish-born communications specialist brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in radio and television, tourism, finance and fashion. Her most successful projects include communication campaigns for films and series for the TV channel SAT.1 in Berlin, the management of cross-border projects in the fashion sector for a home shopping channel in Munich as well as the communication management of a Berlin software producer. After further activities as a freelance press spokesperson for various companies in the social, cultural, design and travel sectors, Maria Samos Sanchez’s most recent station was a PR firm in Berlin agency, where she held the position of agency manager before she decided to join PIABO. 

“At PIABO I have the opportunity to combine my passion for tech with my previous experience in communications consulting. Many areas of the innovation industry deserve more attention for new ideas and great concepts, such as retailtech or SaaS solutions. I also see great opportunities in the femtech industry to develop innovative communication solutions and content marketing services together with PIABO. I would like to help entrepreneurs who operate in these sectors to achieve more prominence in the market.”

The term femtech is relatively new and refers to products, services and software that are based on new technologies and focus on the health of women. Statistics and forecasts show that global investments have increased almost fivefold since 2016 (a growth rate of 475%; source: Forbes), while the global market value of femtech products and services is expected to almost triple by 2025 (a growth rate of 188%; source: Global Market Insights). 

PIABO is strategically expanding its management team and expertise 

With Maria Samos Sanchez, PIABO is meeting both the needs of the company and the current challenges on the market, while at the same time strategically expanding the management team. 

“With the advance of the digital age and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the focus is shifting to finding new ways to rethink and revolutionise existing concepts. However, this also creates completely new and complex communication needs for companies that need to suddenly go digital and address new target groups. With Maria, we have gained a very talented and experienced leader who is also very well connected and socially committed. We have great confidence that Maria, a communications expert with over 20 years of experience, will be a great asset to our clients,” says Tilo Bonow, CEO of PIABO. 

For further questions or contact please contact Maria. She is looking forward to your message.