Dual leadership in the B2C management team: PIABO’s management level grows with Pawel Zoneff as Unit Director B2C

  • Reinforcement for PIABO’s management: Pawel Zoneff now heads the B2C Unit together with Simone Krist
  • From Tinder to Nokia: Companies trust PIABO’s competent B2C Unit

Berlin, 10/11/2017 PIABO, Europe’s leading independent PR agency for the digital economy, is pleased to announce a new member. After a successful cooperation, PIABO now appoints Pawel Zoneff, a proven PR expert with many years of industry expertise in the field of B2C, to the management team.

Pawel Zoneff has extensive experience in various agencies during his notable career in the communications industry. He started his PR career at an agency for cross-media campaigns with which he inspired children, adolescents and parents. In addition, he worked at an agency for educational communications where he was responsible for the conception of teaching media and PR strategies. Based on this, Pawel worked for many years as an independent PR consultant, social media and content manager for various clients. He also held senior positions as Public Relations Director and Social Media Manager before joining the PIABO team in September 2016 in the e-commerce division.

Now, Pawel Zoneff and Simone Krist take over the management of the B2C Unit. B2C customers include Google Nest, Nokia, GuteFrage and Tinder, among others, who like to draw on the diverse skills of the two PR experts and their powerful team.

As communication professionals, we are important gatekeepers to influencers and journalists. As a Unit Director at PIABO, I am looking forward to guiding our international customers through the cultural and communicative jungle of their services and brands – and thereby scaling their messages and business in the DACH region” explains Pawel Zoneff, Unit Director B2C at PIABO.

Tilo Bonow, founder and CEO of PIABO, commented on the appointment: As a leading agency for the digital economy, PIABO PR’s team of experts is always one step ahead. We deliberately rely on experience. Pawel Zoneff enriches the B2C team at management level with his expertise as Unit Director. It is a major gain that underlines our claim to leadership in the international digital economy.