Marketplace of communication – The eTail Germany 2017

From PR perspective, trade fairs and exhibitions are a worthwhile investment. In addition to an exchange with the attending journalists and new customer acquisition, important long-term relationships with future partners, are going to be established. As official partner, we supported the eTail Germany in Berlin and experienced this event from close quarters.

The eTail Germany is a fair for innovators of the e-commerce and multichannel retail. Each year, around 400 experts of the biggest and most dynamic e-commerce companies in Germany come together, to promote a growth in their industry. 

The congress represents a proper position, focusing mainly on an exchange of informations and ideas to establish long-term partnerships. In addition to our PR work, we have also seized our opportunities for networking and to discover exciting companies. The following exhibitors remained particularly positive in our memories:

The eTail Germany 2017. Photo: PIABO

Olapic – how companies use specifically Earned Content

One of the main topics in e-commerce is generating and working with content – whether internally generated, obtained or commissioned User feedback, for increasing coverage or improving personal product descriptions. Olapic benefits of a million social media users, showing and interacting with brands in their own pictures and videos. That´s how they use Earned Content systematically for companies: obtained brand content away of the official brand communication. Olapic finds the content, curates it, using among other things “Machine Learning“, and provides it to the companies for better sales success and greater publicity.

tinyclues – Campaign Optimization with artificial intelligence

From Paris to Berlin: tinyclues delivers latest technologies on the german market to optimize marketing campaigns. Depending on the receiver´s response, the system tinyclues learns continuously. Thereby campaigns are intended to guarantee an intelligent optimization without overwhelming its users with too much content. We are curious to see how tinyclues will continue. By the way, the logo of the french start-up is one of the most beautiful of its kind as we saw most recently in e-commerce.

hyperwallet – Thousands of payment transactions in real time

This is no matter of processing the customers payment transactions, but the personal transfers of the companies. Hyperwallet simplifies transactions to seller, freelancer and employees worldwide. An exciting discovery on the eTail and promising in regards on the highly dynamic Fintech market in Germany.

We have come away with quite a lot of info from the eTail and noticed again the great importance of fairs for the participating companies as well as its visitors.

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