We talk DIGITAL!

New and innovative topics need experienced communications specialists who transform these innovations of our digital age into success stories. Since it is only the high-profile stories that the media and society on a whole  talk about, which will increase awareness and accelerate corporate growth. That’s why we say:


We understand that who you know is as important as what you know.

As ambassadors of the digital economy, we turn innovation into tangible stories that move people.

With our creative PR campaigns we ignite the journalistic curiosity of the media whilst ensuring through exciting topics that the right people will engage in an active exchange about your business and services.

We create intelligent content that is entertaining, strategically valuable – and sparks interest.

We carry your message out into the world – and this success makes our work measurable, whether online or offline.

The growth stories of our existing customers in the digital economy speak for themselves.

PIABO services provided to You

Public Relations

Content Marketing

Social Media

Influencer Relations

Would you like to increase your reach, engagement and loyalty to your product, service or company?

We’re happy to be your partner in developing a sound multi-media marketing campaign. In a digitalized society, successful PR is more dimensional than just being part of the marketing mix.  Cash is king, but communication is key. Reputation and respect goes a long way…

Understand your audience, but help them understand and find you by using the right PR.

PIABO at a glance


The communication agency PIABO PR is the leading full-service PR partner of the digital economy based in Berlin.

PIABO was created 2006 by Tilo Bonow and is specialized in Public relation, Social Media management as well as content marketing and Influencer relations.

With its more than 40 employees, PIABO achieves an outstanding international media presence for its clients in the areas of e-commerce, AdTech, TravelTech, FinTech, HR-Tech, HealthTech, Blockchain, Consumer Electronics & Business Hardware, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Security, Big Data and SaaS/Cloud.

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