With PIABO Public Relations – stories are told and history is made.

We understand that who you know is as important as what you know.

PIABO is an independent boutique agency based in the heart of Europe’s technology hub –  Berlin, Germany. Our team combines in-depth industry knowledge with a pragmatic, results driven approach.

PR is not only driven by creative inspiration, but also data driven implementation and more than ever, digital engagement, which is why we understand the influence and importance of both online and traditional media. Targeting the right channels, we gain extensive media exposure to excite curiosity, develop knowledge, and build loyalty around your product and message.

Deep understanding and effective execution, while understanding the needs and goals of our clients, provide us with the foundation needed to be a sparring partner in creating the ultimate strategy for your business growth and development. Our team’s passion and combined professional experience focuses on the skills behind: PR, digital marketing, branding, design elements, technology trends, innovative thinking, editorial services, media management, communications and social positioning.

Our core strengths of creating communication strategies is done through developing inspiring content that motivates multipliers and targeted audiences to engage with our client’s brand, products, and services. Press is not paid distribution, it is earned interest.

We believe in intelligent, effective, and efficient solutions that add value, We also love sparking that fire of curiosity to keep conversations current and alive in the global marketplace. Our team is proud of the successes we share together with our clients and continue to demonstrate – in an ever-changing, competitive, and compelling industry.

We encourage our team to “never stop learning,”  to position ourselves as the go to advisors and support system for our growing clients’ diverse needs.  Genuine enthusiasm for people, technology, and using communication to connect it all, supports us in all that we do!

PIABO clients will receive the best use of resources along with our practice that brains beats budget. Some of the brightest and biggest visionaries in our industry, in business and in life have repeatedly claimed, “You are your best investment.” You get what you pay for and time is money, so use your resources to your best advantage.

PIABO services provided to You

Corporate Communications

Reputation Management

Product- & Brand-PR


PR for HR & Recruiting



Workshops & Inhouse-Trainings

In addition to traditional public relations services for B2C and B2B strategies, we provide:

  • Development of social media strategies
  • Social media monitoring
  • Arrangement of media cooperation projects
  • Blogger relations
  • Content creation
  • Editorial search engine optimization (SEO)

Would you like to increase your reach, engagement and loyalty to your product, service or company?

We’re happy to be your partner in developing a sound multi-media marketing campaign. In a digitalized society, successful PR is more dimensional than just being part of the marketing mix.  Cash is king, but communication is key. Reputation and respect goes a long way…

Understand your audience, but help them understand and find you by using the right PR.

PIABO at a glance


Founded in 2006, specialised in public relations strategies & social media for digital and technology companies leading us into the future.

Currently 35+ international employees based in Berlin, Germany, advising an international client base from “internet + mobile” (e-commerce, marketplaces, social, portals, apps, services, VoIP, content), as well as from “tech + media” (software, hardware, cleantech, gadgets, gaming, tools) and other topics of growing interest such as fintech, digital health, and artificial intelligence.