Zinsbaustein Zinsbaustein

zinsbaustein.de is a crowdfunding platform for carefully selected real estate investments. Crowdinvestments give investors access to asset classes that were traditionally reserved for semi-institutional and institutional investors. As a multi-product platform, the company also offers AIFs and club deals in addition to crowdfunding.


  • Development and execution of communication measures for project developers, financial media, and investors across Germany
  • Preparation of the local, seasonal subject schedule for placements in financial, real estate, business, and national general interest media


  • Interviews in national business and supraregional media, including Wirtschaftswoche, Handelsblatt, and FAZ
  • Regular background discussions on trends with and publications in real estate verticals


  • Placement of interviews and background discussions with management in tech and business media, including Wirtschaftswoche and FAZ
  • Launch PR and continuous placement of new projects and achievements in financial, real estate, business, national and regional general interest media
  • Preparation and pitching of bylines in business, tech, and real estate media


  • PR
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Investment PR
  • Corporate Communications
  • Graphic Design
  • ImmoPR
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Data PR
  • Product PR
  • B2B PR
  • B2C PR
  • Crisis PR

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