CH Clubhouse


Convincing audiences with audio only

Yet new and revolutionary, but already part of our daily lives. Clubhouse, the still relatively new audio-only app, is certainly changing the way people talk about topics and content, but also about brands and persons. Multipliers, stakeholders, but also investors can not only be addressed through clearly structured and content-designed speeches - they are encouraged to interact directly. Starting with the handling of the technology, setting up an impressive profile up and including the sovereign moderation of an exciting debate: PIABO shapes first ideas to a consistent clubhouse strategy for success that can be heard.

Building Blocks

  • Topics and messages
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Technical advice
  • Moderator setup (e.g. journalists, VCs, marketers)
  • Positioning
  • Preparation: research, key points, briefings
  • Invitation setup (e.g. journalists, VCs, marketers)
  • Moderation

Let's drive your success story.