Personal Brand Videos

Founder personal branding can be a great way to connect and communicate with your target audience. Everyone likes to hear the journey and learnings of those who have struggled, challenged, achieved, and conquered their business.

A video shared to your website or other communication channels is a more personal way to explain a story, introduce a major update, and create connections. We can provide the appropriate format and quality for each medium desired.

Another great use for producing video interviews is to submit to journalists, as a whole footage or in parts, to be used as media and introduce expert perspectives. We would support in not only video production, but also pitching proposals regarding TV and online media materials to be submitted and to which outlets.

Our production services include:

  • Preparation

    Together we clarify important questions and answers as well as preparing clients for the specific requirements of various interview processes. A brief interview workshop / training is included with the preparations. We can provide locational recommendations if outside your office environment to create an atmosphere that is appropriate to highlight or symbolize specific features of your products / services.

  • Filming

    We film with suitable equipment for each situation. Typically a DSLR-video camera which is flexible and easily accessible for interview shooting.  Very popular production is the b-roll footage that assists journalists in presenting a personal profile or company personality from your perspective.  These can be useful if anticipation of broadcast footage is planned for.

    A standard company b-roll story is about 5-10 minutes long and can be divided into sections that should include:

    CEO / founder(s) and executives in their active working environments

    Internal perspectives / shots of employees / culture

    External office shots, preferably with company logo / branding

    Product shots with various angles where applicable

    Demonstration of product or service in various use cases & environments

    Producing your own b-roll gives you the ability to control some of the storytelling, though it is subject to editing by the media sources.

  • Editing

    We work on the sound quality, optimizing the image via color & lighting correction when necessary, as well as text overlay explanations / subtitles as needed or appropriate.

    You can discuss with us company brand / logo placement within the video (beginning, throughout, at the end, etc…)  If desired we assist with and integrate licensed music files.

  • Result

    Interviews are available on request with a running time of 1 up to 3 minutes each.