Inside PIABO: Dominik Kratzenberg about close costumer ties and the innovative minds shaping our future

Dominik Kratzenberg always has a friendly smile on his face, is a real team player and creative mind, who values a good and above all cooperative customer relationship. He has accompanied many of his clients for several years, growing into an excellently coordinated team – trusted partners. The family man of a two-year-old son is a well-esteemed Communications Director, responsible for clients like the Belgian start-up cowboy, the largest online portal for professional product testing, or the travel app of omio. In the current blog series “Inside PIABO: Our longest-serving employees” he tells about the experiences that have shaped him along with his personal growth at PIABO.

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Inside PIABO: Katharina Hein on the multiplicity of Tech-PR, her position as team ambassador and PIABO’s new home

In our new blog series “Our longest serving employees” we introduce you to Katharina Hein. She is Communications Director and has been a permanent member of the PIABO team since 2016. Katharina is part of the B2C unit and deals with topics ranging from education and new work to mobility and sustainability. Her clients currently include the mobility start-up Cowboy, the learning app simpleclub, the foodtech Infarm and the sustainability pioneer Patagonia. Katharina was also the first team ambassador. Find out how she came to PIABO, what she particularly appreciates about her daily work and what it is like as a PR consultant to suddenly coordinate a construction site.  Read more

Inside PIABO: Simone Krist on team success, corporate culture and the pioneering spirit

For our blog series called “our longest-serving employees” we spoke to Simone Krist, Unit Director B2C, about her role as a manager at PIABO. The result was a lively conversation about PIABO’s corporate culture and she provided plenty of insights into the teams and collaborative partnerships, and why it is so important to work on an equal footing with partners. Simone offers an exciting look at PIABO’s growth and talks about her experiences in the tech industry and her enthusiasm for the PIABO team.

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Inside PIABO: Julia Tenner about PIABO’s tech focus and team culture

Do you wonder what it’s like to work at PIABO and grow with the company? In this blog series, once a month, we introduce you to one of our twelve longest serving employees. 

Today you will get to know Julia. She is now in her seventh year at PIABO and works here as Senior Account Director in the B2B team. The customer base she supports at PIABO is very diverse and ranges from the open source software giant GitHub over the software company VMware to the Silicon Valley pioneer Silicon Valley Bank and the second hand champion momox.  

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