Smart machines: Eva Schönleitner, CEO of, about the revolution in the industrial development

A former future project has turned into reality much faster than expected: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) continues to shape industrial manufacturing. The term Industry 4.0 refers to central technologies connecting machines, processes and organizations via internet on a global scale with the objective of automation by using modern smart technology. Initially started as the advent of information technologies based on desktop PCs, office IT and the first computer-based automation systems in the 1970s has now developed into a highly complex digital industry.

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Industry 4.0: Top 10 IIoT Events 2020 in Germany

The networking of systems, people and things has long since found its way into production and continues to spread to our households. Especially due to new developments such as the 5G mobile radio Internet, which will have a particularly strong influence on the Internet of Things and its fields of application and efficiency. At these industry events next year you will meet decision-makers and innovators and learn everything you need to know about the future of digitization and industry 4.0.

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Industry 4.0: Top 10 IoT Events 2019 in Germany

The digitalization of the industry continues unabated. The Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing promise immense advantages for the manufacturing industry, such as resource-saving production, optimized logistics, and flexible fabrication. This article explains which industry events in 2019 the most important trends will be discussed – an overview of the most important industry 4.0 events in 2019 that marketing and communications professionals should have on their screens.
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