New PIABO-Claim: Our three fundamental principles.

In the digital world, communication works differently than in analog society – thus calling for entirely different PR mechanisms. Business models are becoming more abstract, there is an onslaught of news, and special expertise is needed to stand out with tech-focused content from the ever louder background noise.

As pioneers in tech communication in Germany, we have recognized this need at an early stage, and from the very beginning, have consequently helped shape the international digitization of the business and communications world. As the leading PR partner of the global digital economy, we welcome dynamic structures and are very familiar with them.

In just 13 years, we have built up a broad global network. In our area of ​​expertise, we are the market leader. And we are constantly evolving. With every customer and every project, our portfolio grows – and so does our expertise. In March, we moved to a new office at Berlin’s historical Gendarmenmarkt in order to embrace our growth and forward further development with the appropriate working space. As we strongly engage and promote international collaborations with partners and customers, we want to strengthen more flexible working structures within the team through state-of-the-art office design. We see change as something positive, because by changing ourselves, we move with the times. After 13 years in the tech industry, we decided to hone our PIABO DNA once again. Our new claim unites the three highest principles of our work:

  1. We are experts in strategic communication and are passionate about telling stories that leave a lasting impression.
  2. We work in partnership at eye level with customers, journalists and the multipliers of our network!
  3. With our communications expertise and entrepreneurial thinking, we drive growth – on business level and within the tech industry.

Let’s drive your success story!

For this is our tenet: To grow business ideas, drive future developments and to thus grow the future of the digital industry through strategic communications developed in partnership with our network, visionaries, and innovative clients.