Jun 26, 2020

Inside PIABO: Caroline Jechow on Working With Future Leaders

We continue with our blog series, in which our longest-serving employees share their best PIABO experiences and talk about their careers. Today we introduce Caroline Jechow, who – as a Communications Consultant – is mainly responsible for customers in the mobility, e-commerce and software sectors. She is taking care of clients like Compleo – manufacturer of charging stations and thus driver of the mobility turnaround, Coyo – promoter of innovative corporate communications or Shopify – one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms. Born in Berlin Caro joined the PIABOs in May 2017 and has been a permanent member of the B2B team ever since.

Keeping the eyes on forming the future

A good employer has a great reputation. So it turned out that a friend of mine had heard a lot of good things about PIABO, which made me curious. She was herself working in a big Berlin tech company and so she recommended to apply after my studies. After I did a little research myself, I was convinced to send my application to PIABO.

I have not regretted this decision yet, I really like what I am doing. My daily tasks are determined by exciting topics from the digital economy. Through my clients, I am close to tech innovations, and thus topics that will influence our near future (keyword: mobility revolution, smart cities, etc.). Therefore, I always intensively observe corresponding market developments, new trends, or legal issues in order to develop exciting stories that appeal to my clients' target groups. 

Reacting in real-time

I particularly like the agency environment for its agile and flexible structures, as it enables us to react quickly to customer wishes or sudden changes in the market. Even in the case of short-term ad hoc requests, unplanned events or even crises, we can provide the respective resources in real-time. This is completely different from my previous corporate job, where rigid hierarchies set the agenda and it was not possible to act at short notice.

PR is a variety of many exciting tasks

Besides PIABO’s client portfolio, for me, the team is PIABO's biggest asset. We are a very diverse team with many different backgrounds, competences, and skills. As such, we learn a lot from each other. At the same time, we complement each other with our skills despite all the differences. Here, we help each other out. I appreciate that a lot.

What I like most about my working day is that every day is different. Since our work is often shaped by world events, we always have to be well informed in order to give our clients the best possible advice. It is important to be able to think outside the box. That's why I spend a lot of time researching, always looking out for good stories – a nice addition to the more stressful periods involving client coordination and writing. Currently, I am also working on a study about the distribution of charging stations in Germany. I never thought that I would be happy to work with an Excel spreadsheet with tons of numbers for hours. But next to writing texts, it is incredibly refreshing. 

The GameChangers of our time

In the last three years at PIABO I have noticed that besides start-ups, more and more large medium-sized companies and corporations find their way to PIABO. For all of them, digitization is an important part of their corporate strategy and I particularly enjoy accompanying them in this process. It is also nice to see that they appreciate PIABO as a competent partner for their strategic and operative communication in this field. 


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