Tilo Bonow

Founder and CEO

Tilo Bonow is the Founder and CEO of PIABO, the leading PR agency in the digital economy headquartered in Berlin. He started the agency with the vision of marketing the potential of innovative companies – ranging from new startups to established tech giants – in the media, scaling their growth targets, and taking up the position of market leader.

He is the driving force behind the success of ambitious companies in global markets and a proven expert in the startup scene. He leverages his extensive market expertise and excellent network to achieve optimal positioning for his clients at the international level.

Tilo is both a marketing expert and business angel. Together with his team, he has garnered a track record of successful growth concepts and sustainable market entry strategies.He also acts as a keynote speaker, jury member, moderator, and PR partner at numerous conferences, including NOAH Conference, DLD, Pioneers Festival, European Venture Summit, Heureka, and Pirate Summit, and is a mentor to IBM, Microsoft, Axel Springer, and Deutschen Telekom.

Before founding his own agency, Tilo was Head of Global Corporate Communications at Jamba, the world’s market leader in digital entertainment founded by the Samwer brothers. He established PIABO to support companies in marketing their potential in the media in the best possible way, achieving their growth targets, and taking up the position of market leader. Tilo is also a co-founder of strategic growth consulting firm enable2grow.