Jun 11, 2024
von Ann-Kathrin Marggraf

A new era of sustainability communication: How companies communicate credibly

Sustainability communication is currently undergoing a significant transformation: it is changing from attitude communication to action communication. For a long time, it was en vogue for companies to talk about their values and goals with regard to sustainability.

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Apr 30, 2024
von Lukas Pfeiffer

Cybersecurity trends: a look into the (near) future of IT security

The AI hype and growing cyber threats pose new challenges for IT security. In addition to large companies, SMEs and the public sector are now increasingly being targeted by ransomware & co. Since the beginning of 2024, the cybersecurity situation has worsened worldwide.

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Apr 9, 2024
von Verena Laier

Why "Just Go For It!" Leads to Failure in Corporate Communication

"Just go for it!" – in times of speed and agility, this is indeed a refreshing call to action. However, the complex landscape of corporate communication demands a more cautious approach.

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Mar 11, 2024
von Miriam Rönnau

Reddit 2024: What role does the platform play in German B2B communication?

Three out of four B2B decision-makers utilise Reddit, according to the platform itself. But does this also apply to Germany? What benefits can communication professionals expect from the platform? An analysis with current numbers and facts.

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Mar 6, 2024
von Stefanie Söhnchen

Communication concepts based on data - unutilised potential

Communicators have long understood: With the help of data, measures can be better selected, managed, and successes measured. However, most companies do not have colleagues on board who can provide relevant insights, or there is a lack of support to apply insights to actual communication work.

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Mar 1, 2024
von Carl Evers

10 Events to Boost Your HR Tech

Talented individuals, limited resources, and numerous challenges – these have been the constants in HR work for years. Added to this in 2024 are the AI boom, the poor well-being of employees, and the ongoing debate about office vs. home office vs. hybrid work.

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Feb 29, 2024
von Ulrike Beckmann

Remote, Not Control: Leading from a Distance

For those who didn't already know: At PIABO, we like to swim against the current. A current example: while many companies are implementing a return to the office, we continue to work remotely. And we have no intention of changing that.

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Feb 23, 2024
von Michelle Fenner

Mind Matters: The Future of Work is Mentally Healthy

Mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. I like to add to this Latin saying with the phrase “… and works in a healthy place.

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Feb 16, 2024
von Steffi Müller

From Laboratory Food to Tasty Enjoyment Option: Three Important Aspects for Sustainable and Successful Communication of Food Innovations

Many are sceptical about food innovations such as cell-cultivated or fermented meat because the idea that delicious food doesn't come from blooming fields and cattle on green meadows seems odd. However, this romantic notion has long been at odds with today’s industrial food production.

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Feb 9, 2024
von Ariatani Wolff

Hiring in Times of Talent Shortage: The Importance of Diversity and Company Culture

The talent shortage, on the one hand, leads to increased pressure on employees while, on the other hand, it provides them with more freedom in job selection and contract negotiations.

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