von Michelle Dörner

Digital solutions transforming urban mobility

Faster and further – mobility is a basic need for most of us. We now take it for granted that we can use digital maps to plan our car routes, download the latest bus timetable or conveniently buy and manage our train ticket via an app.

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von Steffi Müller

EdTech: The 5 Most Exciting Developments in Digital Education

Within the start-up ecosystem, the EdTech sector has seen some of the most exciting developments in recent years. From the height of the pandemic to the discourse around ChatGPT etc.

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von Henrik Pflaumbaum

8 exciting space tech companies to keep an eye on

Conquering space: Mankind has long cherished this dream, and it's no longer just a matter for government projects and large companies. Space Bandits lists 100 companies in the start-up category alone.

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von Timotée Gbaguidi

Social Media Trends 2023

Social media is constantly changing. This year too, new trends will emerge - for individuals, but also for businesses. Timotée Gbaguidi, Digital Communications Director at PIABO, gives an overview of the most important social media trends of the future.

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von Ann-Kathrin Marggraf

These technologies pave the way for climate-neutral cities

Today is the next global climate strike. The goal is clear: Germany should be climate neutral by 2045 at the latest, preferably earlier. But there is still a long way to go. To achieve this goal, the switch to renewable energy is just as important as a shift in transportation to low-emission vehicles.

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