von Katarina Horst

Smart mobility - the future of transport

Connectivity, urbanisation, individualisation, and sustainability goals are shaping the future of mobility. Hence, it's crucial today to develop sustainable mobility concepts that cater to both the constant need for available mobility and the demand for sustainability. One approach that meets these requirements is smart mobility.

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von Manuel Kerber

Communication Is Political

Public affairs behind closed doors, public relations in the public eye? This division no longer holds. In 2023, we need to consider both together. When Tesla boss Elon Musk announced the location of the Gigafactory as Grünheide in Berlin in November 2019, many were astonished.

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von Ann-Kathrin Marggraf

Mastering Effective Communication at Greentech Events: Strategies for Success

Read here how to best present yourself at events so that your messages stick and inspire change.  

June 2023 was marked by many high-profile events, especially in the greentech industry. These included the Greentech Festival, Intersolar and Ecosummit.

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von Hellen Hohoff

Greentech bubble watch out: These are the events you can't miss in the second half of 2023

Are you looking for opportunities to promote your start-up and to network? Then the following events are perfect for you. Investors, potential partners and customers who want to be educated, inspired, advised and surprised will gather at these events.

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von Michelle Dörner

Digital solutions transforming urban mobility

Faster and further – mobility is a basic need for most of us. We now take it for granted that we can use digital maps to plan our car routes, download the latest bus timetable or conveniently buy and manage our train ticket via an app.

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