von Hendrik Pflaumbaum

Five exciting GovTech companies to keep an eye on in 2023

GovTech - Government Technology. Malicious tongues claim that in Germany this is the fax machine. But the fact is that e-applications for student grants are printed out again at the office.

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von Aljoscha Röllecke

How the Veganuary is leading the way to a more sustainable future

At the start of the New Year, many people make ambitious resolutions about what they want to achieve in the coming year. Often these resolutions are about improving their health and general well-being. One trend that has gained momentum in recent years is 'Veganuary'. Read on to find out what it is and how it can help you improve your health as well as help the environment.

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2022 Highlight – The great PIABO year in review

2022 was an exciting year. At the end of it, we want to review the past twelve months and look back at our PIABO highlights – for our customers and us internally.

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von Miriam Rönnau

Recruiting Hack: Why investing in optimising your company's SEO pays off at the end of the year

More than half of website visits result from organic searches. Consequently , this means that companies that do not implement SEO measures on their website lose more than 50% of potential leads – and thus also potential applicants.

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von Ariatani Wolff

Metaverse Meetup: How Virtual Reality Can Create New Business Models and Improve the Customer Experience

As big as the hype around the Metaverse was in 2021, it died down just as quickly. Still, the topic is far from over. The Metaverse’s current status was presented and discussed by Thomas Riedel – host of the "Metaverse-Podcast" – at the Metaverse Meetup at our Berlin headquarters.

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von Carolin Hildebrandt

Greentech: Trends and Developments for a Climate Positive World

The world is in a state of upheaval. It is in crisis. Climate crisis, energy crisis, inflation – and the pandemic just recently officially ended. We seem to be slipping from one crisis to the next. But there are pioneers who are paving the way to a better world and shaping the future through innovation.

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von Erik Amann

Creator Economy 101: How to use influencers in your communications strategy

Content creators and influencers have been firmly integrated into the communications strategy of many companies for years. Influencers no longer come only from the beauty or gaming sector, but are experts on a wide variety of topics and also promote niche products.

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von Philipp Plum

Identity & Access Management – What it is and why it is crucial for companies cyber security

Identity management is one of the most important pillars of corporate cyber security: the more identities there are in an organization, the greater the risk of falling victim to a successful cyber attack.

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von Eva Kütscher

TravelTech: Travel Communication for Tomorrow

Not even a pandemic could lastingly affect our desire to travel. That said, the travel industry is facing a number of potentially disruptive events at the moment. But it is precisely these crises and the volatile market environment that are also creating opportunities for travel tech start-ups.

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von Hellen Hohoff

Venture Capital: How will the next generation of VCs invest?

Fledgling Gen Z investors have their own ideas about sustainable investments. Gen Z makes up 30 percent of the world population and will shape the future of investments with their requirements on work life and the labor market. If you look up young employees in venture capital companies, it quickly becomes evident that the future venture capital experts are primarily value-oriented.

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