von Julia Loeser

The Metaverse: Status Quo and Opportunities for B2B Companies

Unknown digital worlds? A study by Civey on behalf of Teamviewer shows that around 69 percent of respondents in Germany don’t know what theMetaverse even is. This needs to change, as the use of virtual spaces is on the rise.

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PIABO Brand Week – The team in focus

What a week! A lot happened during the first-ever PIABO Brand Week in the agency's 16-year history. From Q&A sessions and Diversity Talks, Unit Events, and Fuck-Up Nights to our big PIABO Summer Party 2022 – the week was all about getting to know each other, sharing ideas, and celebrating.

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von Ulrike Grandi-Haferstroh, Juliane Seack

Inside PIABO – How different personalities make us grow stronger together

Different preferences, motivations and ideas make us unique personalities. Those who know their own preferences and needs as well as those of their colleagues can better respond to their counterparts.

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von Maria Samos Sanchez

What will the agency of the future look like?

Branding may be a century old, but at no time has it changed as much as it has in the last decade. Above all, this has led to agencies having to think more and more about the "why" of a brand. It is no longer just about putting the product or the service in the foreground - especially not in times when quality is becoming ever more equal.

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von Sybille Zimmermann

Industry 4.0 - The most important topics and how to talk about them (Part 2)

The smart factory as an autonomous production facility is the declared goal of Industry 4. 0 - an intelligent connection of plants and machines that will function largely independently of human employees in the future.

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von Christopher Klee

Metaverse in Communication: Customer Engagement 3.0

We are on the threshold of the next stage of the internet: Web3. Its central promise also includes a decentralized metaverse. While the term has been making the rounds in blockchain circles for some time, it has also recently become mainstream, with the rebranding of Facebook as "Meta.

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Let’s talk about… Account Management & Remote Work

In our "5 questions with…" section, we regularly introduce you to our PIABO colleagues and share their expertise in communication and PR. Today: Stefanie Künstner, Communications Director and Account Management expert.  



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Hack the System: Berlin Blockchain Week 22

From September 12 to 19, the Berlin Blockchain Week 2022 will showcase blockchain as the technology of the future. The emphasis won't be on the share prices of Bitcoin and the like, but on providing first-hand blockchain know-how.

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von Hauke Gierow

Safety first: What role does communication play in cyber security?

Cyber security is considered a complex technical issue that requires computer scientists, programmers and forensic experts. And although all these people undoubtedly have their place in this area, there is another important group: communicators.

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Blockchain Companies to Watch Out for

Blockchain is here to stay. So it is hardly surprising that there are more and more startups and companies developing Blockchain-based applications and solutions.  In this article, we have collected 10 Blockchain companies from the German-speaking economic area with innovative ideas whose development should be watched closely.

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