von Hauke Gierow

Safety first: What role does communication play in cyber security?

Cyber security is considered a complex technical issue that requires computer scientists, programmers and forensic experts. And although all these people undoubtedly have their place in this area, there is another important group: communicators.

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Blockchain Companies to Watch Out for

Blockchain is here to stay. So it is hardly surprising that there are more and more startups and companies developing Blockchain-based applications and solutions.  In this article, we have collected 10 Blockchain companies from the German-speaking economic area with innovative ideas whose development should be watched closely.

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von Maria Samos Sanchez

The holy Grail of communication: the crisis!

Crises are the source of news and, above all, fulfill the relevance criteria for journalists, because they represent a disruption in everyday life.

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von Aljoscha Röllecke

Workation in Rome – An Annotated Report

"When someone goes on a journey, they can tell a story", the German poet Matthias Claudius wrote more than 200 years ago. 30 PIABOs – split into two groups – went on a journey, a workation to be precise, in March and April of this year.

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Let's talk about… Influencer Relations & PR

In our "5 questions with…" section, we regularly introduce you to our PIABO colleagues and share their expertise in communication and PR. Today: Erik Amann, Digital Communications Consultant and our expert in the field of Influencer Relations.  


1. Erik, you've been part of our team since the end of last year.

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t3n Startup-Guide: Startup Tips and Toolkit for (Female) Founders

On Monday, the Startup-Guide by t3n and MediaLab Bayern was published containing insider tips and a wide range of knowledge about startups. Our communication specialists Stephanie Stein and Timotée Gbaguidi are part of the authors group for the guides’ special part of winning series createF.

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von Nicolas Kollat

Pride Marketing – How to Avoid Pinkwashing

The Pride Month is almost over. And while numerous companies in Germany and around the world are switching their social media logos from rainbow colors back to their standard look, we would like to discuss the topic of pinkwashing in this blog.

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Let's talk about… Apprenticeship at PIABO

In our "5 questions with…" section, we regularly introduce you to our PIABO colleagues. Today: Nico Wilczek, trainee in office management at PIABO. Nico is PIABO's very first trainee and talks about his training and what he would do as CEO for a day.

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Let's talk about…Corporate Social Media & Pinkwashing

In our "5 questions with…" section, we regularly introduce you to our PIABO colleagues and share their expertise in communication and PR strategies. Today: Nicolas Kollat, responsible for our social media channels and developer of the "Let's talk about. . . " format. We talk to him about the relevance of visibility on social networks and about his commitment to LGBTQIA+ issues at PIABO.

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von Karl Schmidt-Rhaesa

Virtual Reality - gimmick or revolutionary technology?

Virtual reality is not a new technology, but has been used by many for years. Nevertheless, VR applications are considered a gimmick by many, and only gradually is the full potential of the innovative technology becoming clear.

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