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There appears to be a terrible misunderstanding. In the DACH region, Blockchain is still too closely associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the sometimes unjustified reputation attached to them. The revolutionary approach of decentralized data transactions and security offers lots of different opportunities for various sectors. PIABO is carrying out educational work and helping companies that use blockchain technology for their product or services to attract the media attention they deserve.

Case Study

xx network

xx-network supports decentralized messaging, payments, and dApps, and was developed in a response to growing public concern about user privacy and the emerging threat of quantum computing. The quantum-secure, data-secure, and decentralized ecosystem was realized under the direction of cryptographer David Chaum.


  • Explaining the concept of cryptocurrency
  • Announcement of xx coin in the DACH region


  • Interviews and quotes in Deutsche Welle, NZZ, BTC-Echo, Payment & Banking, and Focus Online
  • Presentation of xx network at a BerChain event


  • Placement of interviews with C-level management
  • Preparation and pitching of bylines in the blockchain, crypto, and finance sectors
  • Speaker opportunities for C-level management
  • Organization of background discussions for C-level dissemination of press releases on xx coin


  • PR
  • Media Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Events
  • Speaking Opportunities

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