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Software as a service (SaaS) solutions have been part and parcel of everyday business for a long time. Anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd must impress with strategic PR. PIABO helps to tell the hidden story behind the “as a service” solution and take the business to the next level. Its long-standing experience in cooperating with SaaS providers and cloud-based platforms makes PIABO an ideal PR partner.

Case Study


Evernote has created a brilliant solution that enables people to work together, put their ideas into practice, and remember everything they need to. 225 million people across the globe use Evernote in more than 25 languages. Evernote is an independent and privately run global company based in Redwood City, California.


PIABO is responsible for positioning the love brand Evernote as an innovator and pioneer in the field of productivity software in the DACH region and the UK, enhancing its reputation among potential users, and assisting the marketing team with the lead generation of B2B customers


  • Publications in international business and tech media as well as supraregional media, including Focus Money, Business Insider, FAZ, and t3n
  • Growing community on Facebook and Twitter
  • More than 500 visitors and listeners at the company’s own events and industry conferences


  • Placement of interviews and guest articles with the CEO and General Manager for EMEA in general interest, business, and tech media, including FAZ, Business Insider, Capital, and t3n
  • Distribution of product updates
  • Arrangement of keynotes and workshops at key industry events for employer branding such as Hiring Success
  • Assistance with international events such as SXSW
  • Maintenance of social media presence including community management in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK
  • Planning, organization, and moderation of conferences in cooperation with leading productivity experts in the DACH region and the UK
  • Preparation of studies and whitepapers on current trends in IT and new work


  • PR
  • Events
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Corporate Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Employer Branding
  • Digital Strategy Development

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