Google -

SEO and SEA are among the most important components of digital communication. In close cooperation with Google, PIABO helps in the expansion of organic reach, as well as in the creation and optimization of ads to appear appropriately in Google search. Using Google analysis tools, PIABO can thus achieve the best results in advertising placement, measurement and reporting.

TikTok -

Billions of people are already on TikTok - and the trend is rising! As Agency Partner of TikTok, PIABO gets exclusive access to the Creator Platform to boost Influencer Relations to the next level. Advertisers now also have the opportunity to develop different advertising formats - a chance to reach a completely new target group with global performance campaigns. PIABO supports with the creation of the optimal ads.

LinkedIn -

In B2B communication, there is no escape from LinkedIn. More than 30 million entrepreneurs already use the platform. To build credibility and create a valuable business network, the strategic partnership between LinkedIn and PIABO allows to define the best parameters for developing strategies, designing editorial plans and setting up paid advertising campaigns. For instance, a full page impacts Google and LinkedIn search results and already receives up to 30% more views.

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