PBR Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Business success through personal branding

The faces behind a brand can become their own brand and have enormous potential for getting target groups excited about their company. This helps employees and consumers to identify with it, fosters awareness and confidence among investors, and strengthens its positioning as a go-to contact for the media and opinion leaders. People like talking to people, and this should ideally be done on an equal footing. The individual positioning of C-level management members with their own opinions and visions for the company often also represent the vision of an entire sector or industry. This might include matters such as female empowerment in IT and sustainable solutions for industrial production chains – ideas, opinions, demands, and insights that sit between the poles of thought leadership and trust building.

Building blocks:

  • Media relations
  • Speaker placements at Konferenzen and in podcasts
  • Public affairs: positioning with respect to politics, society, and business
  • Social media
  • Guest articles, books, and analyses
  • Internal communications

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