Mar 25, 2021

Keeping The Team Spirit Alive

The less physical contact there is, the more creative the methods for maintaining and strengthening the team spirit must become. Especially when the team is constantly growing, strengthening the corporate culture is extremely important. Which methods and activities motivate our employees and strengthen their team spirit, you ask? Find out in this blogpost!

Wandering through the woods of Berlin

Come together at Afterwork Events

Some might think “Do I really need another video call?” – our answer is definitely ‘yes’! Afterwork events are a great way to deepen personal bonds within the team  as well as getting to know new colleagues who just joined forces. For example, Carnival is known to bring people of various backgrounds together, to sway to the music and just have fun together. Why not take it as an opportunity to bring each and everyone together at home, surprise them with joyous boxes full of candy & Kölsch, and an evening program not related to work? Or how about a virtual pub quiz to spark knowledge by waving it into an evening game? There are countless possibilities for afterwork events. Creativity is key!

Brainstormings: New ideas and new stories

Brainstormings are a fun and creative way not only to find new PR ideas and creative angles for clients, but also to get to know each other on a more personal level. Especially when you’re in a brainstorming session with colleagues that aren’t directly working with you, it’s the perfect chance to bond more deeply. Often, the best conversations evolve from someone’s ideas as well as funny warm-up exercises that encourage us to connect more personally. Pro tip: start your brainstormings with each one telling a real or fictional story about any object he or she finds in their room. This not only frees the mind from the current work routine, but is guaranteed to bring insightful stories and a lot of fun! 

Home Office Impressions

Hustle together, bond together 

Another way to spend time together outside the working context is doing sports together. Especially for starters and couch potatoes, sports of any kind are a great possibility to connect with each other  – no matter if it’s done before or after work. Why not go for a run or do a little biking challenge? Or how about collective yoga sessions carried out virtually – you don't even have to go outside! A big embarrassment? Well, maybe, but at least you get something to laugh and talk about the next few days.

Find yourself (and others) in meditation

Who says meditation is a personal thing that you cannot share with others? Not us! Meditation gives oneself a break from the everyday working life, yes. Moreover, meditating in a group of people can strengthen a community, build trust and be a first step to develop deep connections with each other. Meditating means going deep, looking to the inside, not only for self exploration but also to make sense of one’s outside. Putting things in perspective is what people learn during meditation. So, in conclusion, meditating together will help individuals find their place in a group of people, let loose of hard opinions and strengthen the community bond.

Work together – Celebrate together

Last but not least, what would be a better way to connect with each other than through celebrating together? We all made friends at parties and celebrations, or feel a special bond during summer splash at work or the annual christmas party. But there is more to celebrate. It’s the CEOs birthday? Have a little virtual breakfast or lunch with carefully crafted lunch boxes. You don’t have the motivation to cook alone? Turn on your camera and cook together with colleagues. Have wine tastings, meet up for lunch, make the smaller things in life a celebration. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you to have a celebration.  

Our virtual Christmas cooking event

_ _ _ _ These insightful tips were gathered and provided by Nicolas Kollat, currently Communications Executive at PIABO. He started as a working student during his studies and decided to stay with PIABO even after. Known as a creative addition, he loves to bring together colleagues and likes to invest his (quite rare) spare time in elevating team culture and agency life. If you want to get in touch, or have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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