Sep 15, 2022

PIABO Brand Week – The team in focus

What a week! A lot happened during the first-ever PIABO Brand Week in the agency's 16-year history. From Q&A sessions and Diversity Talks, Unit Events, and Fuck-Up Nights to our big PIABO Summer Party 2022 – the week was all about getting to know each other, sharing ideas, and celebrating.


Monday – PIABO Employee Energy Consumption Bonus

The week started with a bang: In our joint team meeting, CEO Tilo Bonow announced the agency management’s decision that all PIABOs will receive an energy consumption bonus from October to March 2023 to address the rising costs and the related employees’ worries. A strong sign and appreciative contribution to the whole team. 

At the headquarters, which should be packed from Tuesday on, numerous preparations have taken place for our Brand Week: from an employees’ compliment box to feedback sheets on benefits, values, and much more – the office became a large brainstorming room.


Tuesday – from a transparent exchange format to our very first Fuck-up Night

Tuesday was primarily a day of learning. During our lunch break, all employees gathered in front of their screens at home or remotely, as well as in the largest conference room at the Berlin office, where our founder and CEO Tilo Bonow was already waiting with a microphone to receive and answer the team's questions.

Change of location: After work, we went to the rowing company Wiking e. V., where PIABO's very first Fuck-Up Night took place. 8 participants described some of their biggest professional career Fuck-Ups – and not only made the others laugh but above all presented us with many learnings. Our COO Daniela Harzer was the first to share her story. At PIABO, we live an error-friendly culture that is 100 percent focused on learning. The goal of this Fuck-Up Night was to make it visible and tangible in a format, as well as to speak out about mistakes in a larger public to exemplify a constructive way of dealing with mistakes. Because that's the only way we can get a little bit better every day! 

Congratulations to Stephanie Stein and Julia Loeser, the winners of our Fuck-Up Night! And a big thanks also to Paul Gärtner for the idea and organization as well as Eva Stepkes for the great moderation! 


Wednesday – Diversity Exchange & Unit Events

Wednesday was a day of intensive exchange. At noon, during lunch, two members of our 7-people Diversity Taskforce, Stephanie Stein and Tida Dos Santos Baldé presented PIABO's strategy and measures for living diversity and inclusion at PIABO. We were informed about what we have already implemented at PIABO and what further steps are planned. They also gave us insights into the dimensions of diversity, sensitized us to intersectionality, and provided recommendations on additional reading, podcasts & key opinion leaders. 

The following vivid and open discussion, including a very personal exchange of experiences between the employees, was a fantastic conclusion. And not to forget the absolute highlight: donuts having our PIABO values printed on them. Yummy!

In the afternoon, the individual units used the time for reflection, team building, etc.: What is going well in our team, what can be optimized in the cooperation, and where does the unit stand in achieving the client’s KPIs? These and other questions were discussed in a relaxed atmosphere. Afterward, we went to a restaurant together for refreshments and dinner. 



It is THE highlight of the year: our annual PIABO Summer Party. Prince Charles club opened its doors for us at 4:30 p.m., the admission was full PIABO style and forward-thinking, having to use personalized NFTs ;-) We kicked off the evening with a welcome drink of our creation, and a festive welcome speech by our CEO Tilo Bonow, and COO Daniela Harzer followed promptly. Then things got going: a 5-meter-long kicker table here, a photo booth there, delicious food, numerous conversations, a crowded dance floor, and above all: the best mood among all participants. 


Friday – brunch & the end of Brand Week

The day after. For all those who made it to the Berlin headquarters after the summer party, there was a "hangover brunch" to start the day invigorated. For all remote colleagues, it was then time to pack their bags and say goodbye to their colleagues in Berlin, for now. Bringing along with them: new experiences, learnings, and friendships. 


Conclusion & Thank You's

So that's a wrap for the very first PIABO Brand Week. We are still thrilled from all the impressions we gathered during this week – from our colleagues, but also from PIABO as a place of cooperation and living together. A big thank you is due to everyone who did such a great job organizing and implementing our first PIABO Brand Week. We say THANK YOU to ...

… the whole Operations Team, especially the main responsible persons: Patricia Reiter, Nico Wilczek, and Mi Phan.

… Tilo Bonow, Daniela Harzer, and Steffen Beck who developed the idea of a Brand Week. 

Our long-time photographer Robert Lehmann and our colleague Verena Schaefer who captured our memories in terrific pictures.

... all employees who made this week an unforgettable experience!

Let‘s drive your success story.