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Greentech companies and startups are providing important impetus for a more sustainable economy with their resource-sparing and environmentally friendly products, innovative processes, and new business models. All too often, however, the problems are highlighted in public and the actual innovative solutions are neglected. This is where PIABO comes in. We strategically raise the profile of companies and start-ups and establish them as major market players with their pioneering spirit. Greentech, Cleantech, and Climatech play a crucial role in putting our economy on a sustainable and viable course. We do PR work for them with this in mind.

Case Study


The Greentech company Compleo is a top provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles. Compleo supports all-in-one solution providers with its charging stations and, if required, with the planning, installation and maintenance as well as the service or backend of the charging infrastructure. Compleo's offering includes both AC and DC charging stations. DC charging stations from Compleo are the first DC charging stations on the market that comply with calibration regulations.


Raising profile of Compleo as a company and the charging points provided in the German-speaking world by means of regular reporting in relevant media, employer branding


  • Prominence of Compleo significantly increased since cooperation began
  • Relevance and achievements of Compleo highlighted by IPO (700+ supraregional reports on IPO)
  • High-quality coverage in relevant top-tier and specialist media
  • A survey on charging station coverage in Germany generated broad national visibility
  • Film production for the ProSieben TV science format Galileo
  • Participation in relevant industry podcasts


  • Positioning Compleo as a GreenTech company and as a leading provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles with up-to-date statements and guest articles from management in relevant business and specialist media
  • Regular placement of product news in specialist media → raising profile of innovative products
  • Study on charging point coverage in Germany
  • Establishing and maintaining long-lasting contacts with business and specialist media


  • Data-driven PR
  • Thought Leadership
  • Product PR
  • Speaker Engagement
  • Design and communication of studies
  • IPO Communication

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