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The real estate sector influences the use of residential and business premises, shapes cityscapes, and defines options for acquiring and selling property for end users, agents, and administrators. New technologies have the capability to increase efficiency throughout the value chain and open up new opportunities in financing, construction, administration, and sales. In an industry that is still often led and managed in a traditional way, digital solutions can offer a remedy, but they also create uncertainty and reserve. Clear messages, successful case studies, and educative storytelling can overcome this obstacle and significantly increase access to and acceptance of innovative technologies.

Case Study

Zinsbaustein is a crowdfunding platform for carefully selected real estate investments. Crowdinvestments give investors access to asset classes that were traditionally reserved for semi-institutional and institutional investors. As a multi-product platform, the company also offers AIFs and club deals in addition to crowdfunding.


  • Development and execution of communication measures for project developers, financial media, and investors across Germany
  • Preparation of the local, seasonal subject schedule for placements in financial, real estate, business, and national general interest media


  • Interviews in national business and supraregional media, including Wirtschaftswoche, Handelsblatt, and FAZ
  • Regular background discussions on trends with and publications in real estate verticals


  • Placement of interviews and background discussions with management in tech and business media, including Wirtschaftswoche and FAZ
  • Launch PR and continuous placement of new projects and achievements in financial, real estate, business, national and regional general interest media
  • Preparation and pitching of bylines in business, tech, and real estate media


  • PR
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Investment PR
  • Corporate Communications
  • Graphic Design
  • ImmoPR
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Data PR
  • Product PR
  • B2B PR
  • B2C PR
  • Crisis PR

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