from left to right: Tilo Bonow, Gründer & CEO PIABO PR, Andreas Krönke, Executive Unit Director, Daniela Harzer, COO PIABO PR. (© Robert Lehmann)
from left to right: Tilo Bonow, Gründer & CEO PIABO PR, Andreas Krönke, Executive Unit Director, Daniela Harzer, COO PIABO PR. (© Robert Lehmann)

PIABO grows and appoints Andreas Krönke as Executive Unit Director

PIABO PR, leading European full-service communications partner for the digital economy with headquarters in Berlin, appoints Andreas Krönke, Head of the Greentech & Sustainability Unit, as its first Executive Unit Director. In the future, the experienced communications expert will act as a mentor and sparring partner for existing and new units and form an interface between the unit director board and management at PIABO.

"PIABO is growing. In order to keep up with the technological and innovative progress of our customers, it also requires constant further development, high adaptability and flexibility from our side. Within this framework, new units and areas are created at our company, in which the know-how for our customers is bundled. For this diversity of knowledge and multitude of experts, we need a new role - an experienced contact person for all units who also knows and lives our corporate values. Thanks to his many years of work in the digital economy and at PIABO, Andreas Krönke has precisely this profile," says Tilo Bonow, founder and CEO of PIABO.

As of April 2022, Andreas Krönke will be appointed Executive Unit Director at PIABO. He has already been working at PIABO since 2014. Starting as a PR consultant, he was promoted to Deputy Head of B2B shortly after his start and two years later to Unit Director B2B Technology. During his time at PIABO, however, the 37-year-old not only proved his communicative and strategic skills, but also impressed at management level. As a leader with a lot of commitment and a future-oriented view for innovative and sustainable topics, he is regarded as a driving force both across units and within the management team. As Executive Unit Director, Andreas Krönke will take an even more active role in shaping the company and will increasingly look after PIABO's corporate culture and make his contribution to further growth.

"My goal as Executive Unit Director is to help shape a sustainable environment for all Units and Unit Director:s that enables everyone to develop personally and professionally. The development opportunities at PIABO are great. I am very grateful for the trust that has been given to me and I am ready for the new tasks and challenges that await me in my new role," says Andreas Krönke. "PIABO is a pioneer for communication in the digital industry. Excellent quality, best technical infrastructure and an environment of continuous learning are very important to me. PIABO supports its clients with outstanding and effective communication, accompanying the green and digital transformation of the economy. In my new role, this will be exactly my focus."

Two years ago, Andreas Krönke founded the Greentech & Sustainability Unit at PIABO together with Lara Schermer, Senior Communications Director at PIABO. Since then, he has established this unit very successfully and continues to develop it in his role as Unit Director with a growing team. With this Unit, PIABO contributes to addressing the climate crisis, today's biggest challenge, with sustainable and innovative technology solutions as part of a multidimensional solution. Clients from the greentech, cleantech, climatetech and sustainability sectors rely on the long-standing know-how and strategic understanding of the communications expert. These include leading greentech companies such as gridX, Ostrom,, ecoligo, Envision Digital, infarm, instagrid and elvah.

"Andreas already demonstrated a focused strategic vision when the Sustainability Unit was founded with a focus on greentech and climatetech. With his international communications know-how and his many years of consulting expertise, coupled with a passion for making the world a better place, he is a highly valued colleague and sparring partner. PIABO is constantly growing and developing as an organization. That's why Tilo and I look forward to working even more closely with him on strategic and cross-agency issues," says Daniela Harzer, COO of PIABO.