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Busy times: PIABO PR is growing constantly. We are proud to celebrate a huge success having built up a strong and solid network of clients, partners and multipliers over the past 13 years. This is of course a result of combined strengths, the efforts of our team, the presence of our CEO at global events and our flexible working structures to coordinate clients all around the world. As digital natives we know how to play the game, but we also invest a lot of time to assure our pioneering position in tech communications.

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3 Most Common Questions for B2B Communications Success in China

“We are a European B2B company. Is it important to have our presence on Chinese social media? If so, which platforms or what tools are the most effective ones?” “Can’t we just translate contents to Chinese and share on Chinese social media?” These are a couple of the most common questions we are often asked. To help you grow business in China, we consolidate the three most asked questions here.

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New PIABO-Claim: Our three fundamental principles.

In the digital world, communication works differently than in analog society – thus calling for entirely different PR mechanisms. Business models are becoming more abstract, there is an onslaught of news, and special expertise is needed to stand out with tech-focused content from the ever louder background noise.

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Rebranding: Don’t be the same. Be Better.

In the last year, we witnessed numerous rebrandings. WeWork changed its name to The We Company, LimeBike became Lime and the career-oriented social networking site Xing SE changed its name to New Work SE.

Changing your brand image, however, involves many uncertainties. When should a company invest in a rebranding and what consequences will this have on the business? We accompanied the rebranding process of our client Omio, formerly GoEuro. Any company considering this exercise should take note of the following six helpful tips that will guide you through a successful rebranding.

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These are the Top 10 AI Events in 2019 That You Can’t Miss

From the smart home to autonomous cars to industrial applications – the fields of application for artificial intelligence are diverse. In this article you will find out at which AI events the latest trends are discussed.

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These Are the Top 10 Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Events That the Most Innovative Companies Attend

This article lists the Top 10 events for additive manufacturing in 2019 – an overview of the most important industry events that marketing and communications managers should have on their radar.

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Industry 4.0: Top 10 IoT Events 2019 in Germany

The digitalization of the industry continues unabated. The Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing promise immense advantages for the manufacturing industry, such as resource-saving production, optimized logistics, and flexible fabrication. This article explains which industry events in 2019 the most important trends will be discussed – an overview of the most important industry 4.0 events in 2019 that marketing and communications professionals should have on their screens.
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Media landscapes in Germany and China: Same same but different

Since the launch of One Belt One Road Initiatives, Chinese government has been pushing and inducing foreign investors and domestic producers to move inland through its “Go West” policy. Following this trend, in recent years, Germany has been the favorite country for Chinese direct investments in Europe.

Whilst Chinese companies are expanding their investments in Germany, it is also worth looking into how communication can help Chinese companies succeed in Germany. In our experience in helping companies in both China and Germany, we have observed that the ways to communicate and the media landscape in Germany are different, but also similar in some regards. Let’s have a look.
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Petfluencer Marketing: The 5 most brilliant Pet campaign

After the buzzword Influencer becomes an increasingly common aspect of its normal usage for the ordinary media folks, there is an upward trend growing at the influencer horizon called Petfluencer.

Not really a surprise, if one considers that the big wide Internet consists mainly of cute cat commercials and sneezing panda videos.

Many companies have already discovered this topic for themselves and prefer to rely on animals for its brand ambassadors. Hereby it does not matter if it´s animated or realistic – animal content is well received by the consumer. We have clicked through numerous of them to summarize the 5 most brilliant Pet campaigns.

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Marketplace of communication – The eTail Germany 2017

From PR perspective, trade fairs and exhibitions are a worthwhile investment. In addition to an exchange with the attending journalists and new customer acquisition, important long-term relationships with future partners, are going to be established. As official partner, we supported the eTail Germany in Berlin and experienced this event from close quarters.

The eTail Germany is a fair for innovators of the e-commerce and multichannel retail. Each year, around 400 experts of the biggest and most dynamic e-commerce companies in Germany come together, to promote a growth in their industry. 

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