Jul 30, 2020

Artificial intelligence for holistic influencer marketing: PIABO launches new service

PIABO PR, Germany's leading full-service PR partner for the digital economy, is expanding its offer for holistic influencer marketing. The new approach combines storytelling expertise, strategic consulting services and years of experience in strong influencer relations with an artificial intelligence database. The result of the mixture of consultant and AI forms a new end-to-end approach for holistic strategic communication.

Storytelling meets AI: Felix Willikonsky and Henni Wiedemann of the Digital Communications Unit together with PIABO CEO Tilo Bonow

Further development through storytelling and AI

While classical influencer agencies or software solutions are mainly limited to the generation of coverage, PIABO goes one step further. While the AI analyses reach, interaction, likes and frequency of use and identifies and prepares profiles by topic and industry, the consultants develop a tailored storytelling approach that matches the brand, reduces risks and exploits the full potential of the message. 

"Unfortunately, good influencer marketing is often not thought through to the end," explains Henni Wiedemann, Communications Director and Influencer Specialist at PIABO, "Good influencer relations are based on transparent data, but live on a creative story that pays off for the brand. Our aim is to be able to design collaborative content in such a way that it functions as designed content (owned media), goes beyond simple advertising and thus enriches our social media strategies and creates lasting connections. To achieve this, we provide advice as early as the identification stage, develop the story, integrate the campaign and make the results measurable". 

This, Wiedemann continues, results in greater opportunities for companies to plan and control their campaigns. Influencers also benefit from this. By matching the profiles precisely, PIABO ensures that the company's requests match the appearance and content of the influencers. This increases the quality of cooperations in particular. 

High potentials for B2B companies

The new approach allows B2C campaigns to be implemented more successfully, but exciting new opportunities to deliver successful brand communication arise, especially in the area of B2B communication. Especially since the classic term influencer is already too imprecise here. "We can see that B2B companies also want to benefit more from innovative and well-thought-out brand communication that also delivers measurable and comprehensible results, and that's exactly where we start," adds Felix Willikonsky, Head of Digital Communications. "We are currently working with thought leaders and opinion leaders for brands as well as with internal influencers who carry the brand to the outside world".

As part of the Digital Communications Unit, Henni Wiedemann and Felix Willikonsky will strategically implement PIABO's new influencer marketing product, but also develop it further in order to meet the growing needs of the industry.  

If you have any questions or if you just want to get in touch, Felix or Henni will be happy to help you. They are looking forward to your message.