Nov 26, 2020

XPRESS Ventures, Cargonexx and Eveon Containers and : Logistics Disruption Drivers choose PIABO PR

PIABO PR, Germany's leading full-service PR partner for the digital economy, is expanding its customer portfolio in the retail and logistics industry with three innovators. Cargonexx, XPRESS Ventures and Eveon Containers are now communicating in cooperation with PIABO.

f.l.t.r. Aad Storm (CEO Eveon Containers), Matthias Friese (Managing Partner XPRESS Ventures), Tom Krause ( CEO Cargonexx) (C) PIABO

XPRESS Ventures is a company builder for digital logistics solutions. Operating under the umbrella of the renowned SME FIEGE Logistik, XPRESS Ventures acts as a think tank for the solution of logistical problems. In addition to the network of founders, the venture capital funds and the partners of the parent company, XPRESS Ventures offers its own digital expertise and is thus ideally positioned for the development and scaling of innovative ideas. Three start-ups are already operating on the market as an active part of the portfolio. Managing Partner Matthias Friese explains: "XPRESS Ventures and PIABO PR both share the belief that there are many exciting start-ups in Germany that just need the right environment or the right visibility to make a successful start. PIABO is the ideal complement to our efforts to make a lasting mark on the term LogTech and to revolutionize logistics digitally". 

With strong roots in the North German trade center, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Cargonexx is an innovative logistics technology company that connects freight carriers with shipping companies in the logistics industry, thus contributing to greater efficiency and fewer empty runs. The 80-strong team around CEO Tom Krause relies on an all-in-one solution of a transport logistics platform that enables planning, execution, tracking and delivery from a single source. "PIABO PR combines great digital expertise with a passion for sustainable tech solutions. We are delighted that they are helping Cargonexx to optimize supply chains and make logistics more transparent and thus more sustainable," says Tom Krause.

The web store for new and used sea and storage containers Eveon Containers is also concerned with transparency. The start-up from the Netherlands launched the first German online trade for various container types with fully transparent price information in Hamburg. Until then, other suppliers had only provided complicated price inquiries and thus a lack of transparency in pricing. PIABO has accompanied Eveon Containers since the launch of the platform and its expansion into other major cities. "We are committed to providing our customers with the best buying experience and bringing transparency to the market. In the next few years, we will expand the offer to over 25 countries. As a reliable partner, PIABO has been supporting us since the launch and during the further rollouts with well thought-out communication, also on social media", explains Aad Storm, founder and CEO of Eveon Containers. 

"Cargonexx, Eveon Containers and also XPRESS Ventures are ideal examples of how digitalization can make a positive difference for the environment, the economy and people, even in traditional industries", says Daniela Harzer, COO at PIABO PR. "Their innovative spirits match perfectly with our passion for new technologies and sustainable concepts. We are looking forward to working together!"