Feb 20, 2024
Tilo Bonow Daniela Harzer PIABO Communications
Tilo Bonow Daniela Harzer PIABO Communications

New leadership era at PIABO Communications: COO Daniela Harzer appointed as Managing Director.

Berlin, February 20, 2024 - Daniela Harzer has been appointed as the Managing Director of PIABO Communications, the leading communication agency for the world's most innovative companies, effective January 1, 2024. Her appointment marks an important step in the evolution of PIABO: Daniela Harzer becomes the first executive at the management level, alongside founder & CEO Tilo Bonow.

"PIABO offers customized communication for high-growth companies, from SMEs to international tech giants. Especially companies that develop and implement dynamic technologies in rapidly evolving markets need data-driven, integrated, and holistic communication that flexibly adapts to market conditions to contribute to sustainable growth," explains Daniela Harzer. "In my new role, I am working with the entire team at PIABO to further strengthen the agency's innovation, strategic orientation, and adaptability in order to continue to provide our clients with targeted support and strong communication positioning in the future," Harzer continues.

As Managing Director and COO, Harzer continues to assume both the strategic and operational leadership of PIABO and will further enhance the agency's industry-leading competencies together with Tilo Bonow. In her previous role as COO, she has led PIABO through a change process from the beginning. This includes the integration of AI and the data-driven, integrated communication setup of the agency, as well as the consistent further development of PIABO's corporate culture. This process initiated by Harzer has significantly contributed to renowned, highly regarded awards last year: For instance, the F.A.Z. Institute listed PIABO in 2023 as "Role Models in Diversity & Inclusion". Additionally, PIABO was awarded first place in the Diversity category at the Mindshift – New Work Pioneers by Handelsblatt Award 2023. "Daniela's ability to develop and implement both innovative and effective strategies significantly contributes to strengthening PIABO's market position," said founder and CEO, Tilo Bonow, upon announcing the appointment.

"Daniela's entry into the executive management underscores our ambitions and our commitment to the innovation economy. Her leadership in the past, especially during times of change, has not only further strengthened PIABO as a market leader but has also significantly shaped our corporate culture," Tilo Bonow continues. "I am personally delighted that Daniela is joining the executive management. Her clarity and determination have inspired me from the beginning. Daniela also brings a great deal of experience and will lead PIABO into an even more successful future."


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