Secure vaccine delivery: PIABO communicates for the innovative logistics provider SkyCell

PIABO PR, Germany's leading full-service PR partner for the digital economy, is now communicating for the medical logistics provider Skycell. With its data-driven technology, the Swiss company optimises supply chains for airfreight shipments of sensitive drugs and vaccines by producing  risk assessments for the routes before each shipment. The company’s proprietary risk analysis software draws on almost one billion data points on temperature, place and time.

Over the next few months, vaccines approved to counter  the Covid-19 pandemic will be shipped to all parts of the world. However, with existing technology, up to 25 percent of the vaccines could become unusable by the time they reach their destination. This high failure rate was identified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in a report on the 2019 pharmaceutical cold chain, which found that the reason for this lies in inadequate conditions of air shipments, especially in excessively high temperatures. Some of the vaccines in question need a constant temperature of minus 60° Celsius to minus 80° Celsius to remain effective and must in some cases be transportable for more than 120 hours. It is for precisely these cases that SkyCell is developing suitable and innovative storage material free of electrical or mechanical components.

“We have developed smart refrigerated containers for the pharmaceutical industry that offer a proven failure rate of less than 0.1 percent for deliveries. This allows us to minimise the failure quota and help save lives. With SkyCell containers, an average of 4-5 million cans can be transported in a single aircraft, up to ten times more than with conventional solutions. 1.75 million doses are enough to vaccinate between 875,000 and 8.75 million people, depending on the vaccine and concentration. We are pleased that PIABO PR is supporting us with their health technology expertise," said Richard Ettl, founder and CEO of SkyCell. 

PIABO will now support SkyCell in making this solution widely known. "SkyCell's technology saves lives," says Robert Thielicke, PIABO's Unit Director Healthtech, "We cannot afford any delivery failure. That is why I'm very proud to support SkyCell on their journey and to communicate their technology both to the public and specifically to decision-makers in governments and pharmaceutical companies."

If you have questions or remarks, don't hesitate to contact Robert Thielicke or Tilo Bonow personally.