PIABO PR goes climate neutral: Ann-Kathrin Marggraf becomes first Climate Officer

PIABO PR, the leading European full-service communications partner for the digital economy headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is now a completely climate-neutral company. Ann-Kathrin Marggraf has played a major role in this success as Climate Officer together with the agency’s sustainability team, which has already been active for some time. In doing so, the PR agency demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable and resource-conserving future.

In addition to her main job as a communications consultant in PIABO’s Greentech & Sustainability unit, Climate Officer Ann-Kathrin Marggraf determines PIABO’s annual CO2 emissions: she ensures that the agency’s CO2 footprint is continuously reduced and those unavoidable emissions are neutralized. The focus is on the energy supply of the office space, the means of transport used by colleagues who commute to work and for business trips, but also on more minor issues such as vegetarian catering, low waste generation, or sustainable office materials.

 “We can be very satisfied with the outcome, in view of our growing number of employees. PIABO’s CO2 emissions are around 45 tons per year,” sums up Climate Officer Ann-Kathrin Marggraf.

 “It is highly motivating to see how the entire team stands behind PIABO’s climate-neutral mission and works together to ensure that everyone does their part,” Marggraf continues. “I am pleased with PIABO’s forward-looking approach that examines and improves its in-house processes.”

 The goal of being able to operate and consult in an emissions-neutral manner is a logical next step in the agency’s growing commitment to sustainable technologies since 2009. PIABO had demonstrated this in spring 2020 when they founded the Greentech & Sustainability unit. The unit’s topics range from smart cities and new mobility to Industry 4.0 applications and the prevention of food waste by means of digital innovations and by their investors.

“Sustainability is part of our mindset and firmly anchored in our corporate culture. I am very proud that we have succeeded in making PIABO a climate-neutral company. Today, climate neutrality is no longer a nice-to-have, but a requirement for responsible corporate management. We are not only passionate about supporting new technologies and business models that have a positive impact on society, but shape our own operations in such a way that we are 100 percent carbon neutral,” adds Daniela Harzer, COO of PIABO PR.

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