left to right: Daniela Harzer, Julia Tenner, Fabian Zeitler, Tilo Bonow (© Robert Lehmann)
left to right: Daniela Harzer, Julia Tenner, Fabian Zeitler, Tilo Bonow (© Robert Lehmann)

SpaceTech, HR-Tech, GovTech and SaaS: PIABO PR launches new B2B technology unit with dual leadership

PIABO, the leading European full-service communications partner for the digital industry headquartered in Berlin, launches a new B2B unit focusing on SpaceTech, GovTech, tech financing as well as HR tech and SaaS. The new unit will be led by Julia Tenner and Fabian Zeitler, who were simultaneously appointed Unit Directors on April 1st. PIABO is also pleased to announce three new clients alongside the new unit: The growth equity investor PSG Equity, the start-up Auntie, which operates a platform for mental well-being for employees, and the event multiverse platform trember complement the agency’s client portfolio.

Julia Tenner has been part of the PIABO team for 9 years, Fabian Zeitler for 8 years. Both B2B communication experts started their careers as trainees at PIABO. Most recently, they served as Senior Communications Directors for companies in the HR-Tech, Fintech, tech investments, enterprise software and SaaS sectors. These topics will also be the thematic focus of their new unit, complemented by three additional focus areas: SpaceTech, GovTech and B2B Metaverse. The unit's existing clients already include GitHub, MariaDB, Markforged, Pitcher, Recruitee, Silicon Valley Bank, Wayra and Zelros.

As experienced and long-standing PIABO employees, Julia Tenner and Fabian Zeitler know the challenges for founders, scale-ups and companies from the digital industry and have the strategic communication know-how to optimally support them in reaching their goals with bespoke measures – for  generating brand awareness, positioning as a thought leader, personal branding of customers or support from the first round of financing to the IPO. 

"We both started at PIABO as trainees and over the years worked our way up through all levels to Unit Director. During this time, we've seen firsthand how PIABO has grown from ten to over 100 employees. At the same time, our clients have outgrown their start-up shoes and evolved into corporates, US tech giants, unicorns and tech innovators. With our unit, we continue the PIABO spirit – to identify, claim and expand on new technology fields," says Julia Tenner. 

Fabian Zeitler adds: "Julia and I are looking forward to building a completely new team with exciting and innovative clients. We have proven over the last eight years that we can both work together well and in a spirit of trust on various projects. The joint unit is the next logical step for us."

zWith the launch of the new unit, PIABO not only expands its expertise in the areas of SpaceTech and GovTech, but is also the first PR agency in Europe with its own unit for B2B metaverse topics, advising and supporting technology pioneers who are shaping the future of tomorrow on both strategy and communication.

"With Julia Tenner and Fabian Zeitler, we have two outstanding PR professionals, who  are occupying new fields of technology and creating added value for our clients with their newly founded unit. We are proud to have accompanied both of them on their way from trainee to unit director and to celebrate this PIABO career with their own unit. We look forward to working closely with them and wish them great success," says PIABO founder and CEO Tilo Bonow.